DCN October 2016 - Page 44

products & innovations Huawei launches Cloud Fabric 5.0 solution Huawei has launched the Cloud Fabric 5.0 solution for cloud services, with a Huawei Fabric Insight Refined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Solution as its core. The Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution locates faults within minutes through visualised network status measurement and management as well as Big Data based intelligent analysis, helping customers improve O&M efficiency and lower O&M costs. Software defined networking (SDN) has become a common choice for chief technology officers (CTOs) of many enterprises, as it helps these enterprises implement fast service provisioning and improve network resource usage. After SDN services are deployed, an originally operated and maintained physical network is divided into three networks: service, logical, and physical. However, traditional O&M methods cannot monitor the status of the service and logical networks. If an application fault occurs, the fault is difficult to locate. As a large number of tenant services go online and change frequently, networks are dynamically adjusted and network faults are difficult to locate based on service configuration. In addition, Huawei also launched its 72 x 100GTb/s line cards and the Huawei Security Solution tightly coupled into a SDN Environment.  For further information visit: www.huawei.com 44 Nimble Storage predictive flash is now app centric Nimble Storage has announced a comprehensive suite of features that are optimised around fast and predictable application delivery. The Nimble Predictive Flash platform allows IT to deliver applications confidently with Quality of Service (QoS) and secure multi-tenancy across VMware, OpenStack, KVM and now docker containers. With app centric management within InfoSight Predictive Analytics businesses now have more visibility and control of application performance. App based storage on demand provides a cloud-like pricing model where enterprises only pay for the storage consumed by each application. This app centric approach provides greater predictability and ease of management for applications across the enterprise. Nimble Storage InfoSight VMVision gives customers clear visibility across the storageto-VM infrastructure stack. VMvision allows organisations to automatically identify noisy VM neighbours by narrowing down the exact application that is draining resources from other workloads. Where traditional storage based insights do not provide granular data for capacity planning and forecasting, VMvision provides IT with app level capacity data for accurate storage planning. For further information visit: www.nimblestorage.com SIEMON EXCEEDS ISO/IEC CLASS 2 CHANNEL REQUIREMENTS WITH TERA Siemon has announced that its fully shielded Tera end-to-end twisted-pair copper cabling system exceeds the draft class 2 requirements of ISO/IEC 11801-1 (Committee Draft N2483). Class 2 channels and permanent links are qualified up to 2GHz and constructed from Category 8.2 connecting hardware, cables and cords to meet future 25Gb/s (25GBase-T) and 40 Gb/s (40GBase-T) applications. Third party test laboratory Intertek ETL performed the electrical testing on a two connector 30m Tera channel and verified compliance to the draft ISO/IEC requirements. Not only did the testing verify compliance for all parameters, including coupling attenuation, but the results clearly indicated headroom to draft class 2 limits. Utilising Tera’s quadrant-pair isolation technology, Siemon’s class 2 channel provides an endto-end cabling solution to support future 25GBase-T and 40GBase-T implementations in data centre switch-to-server applications. Class 2 twisted-pair cabling will share open and common specifications, which ensures interoperability and backwards compatibility with the reach to support a much broader range of architectures for switch-to-server connections, including switches placed in top of rack (ToR), middle of row (MoR) and end of row (EoR) configurations. For further information visit: www.siemon.com