DCN October 2016 - Page 39

case study Reasons for choosing Volta  gile working – Volta’s A proactivity and ‘always happy to help’ attitude at a sensible cost base has assured vXtream of safe and efficiently running equipment. L ocation – Located within the heart of London, Volta provided vXtream with a high level of convenience and accessibility for both general use or in the case of an emergency.  edundancy of power – Volta’s R two power ring placement provides vXtream with the ability to ensure 100 per cent uptime to its customers. venture with vXtream in October 2015 joining the managed services arena. The company was formed with the aim of providing a wide range of customers with managed cloud and colocation services. Currently, the vXtream client base spreads across a number of VoIP customers who are highly dependent on proximity to their customers and a safe and secure network. vXtream required a data centre not only capable of providing enough rack space to house its assets, but also a venue that would ensure close proximity and accessibility. Wit ]Y[\HZ[X][B\[[ۈ]ܚX\]B[\[YK[[H۝[Y[[YHX\XH]H[BX[YHH[ܚ]K[ۙYH\HX[YYY[][ۂݚY\\Y[[H\Y\]][]H[H][[œݚYHH\[H]H][ق^X[]H][YXY[H]\܈H\[\&H[܈]\B][Y[ Hܝ[]H܂ܛ][H]H[H[œ^YY[[\ܝ[H[B\[x&\X\[ۈXZ[\[ܙ\[\HHX[]Hق]\[܈[ܙHY[ˈݙ\[ B\[H[Y[H]H[B][HXHX[[]B]^H[YY[YXY[BݚY[HX\\H\ܝ]X^HYY[H]\K^XH۝XYܙY[Y[\]HZ[ۜY\Y[[ۙ\Y^Y\x&\X[]Hš\HX[H]H X][ \H[Y]Z[[\Yۈ[]8&[&H]]YH[]ۈB\[Hݙ\[܈][š[][H[[ۙۈ]B[KX[H\XH]\H^XH۝XYܙY[Y[][\Yܝ[]Y\܈ܛ[H]\KH\[x&\X\ۜ™܈[H\H[Z]Y•x&\^XH\[\X[Y[Y[ ][[YYH]H[x&\˜X[]HZ[HYY]ܛ[œ[][ۜ\]H\[HBH\[[K[Y][ۈ‚[\[]X[H\[\\˜XH[YX][HYH]Y[BY]و؛[H[ˈ[[\HYX\X[H\\ܘYYH]ܚY[[YܙY[Y[وH œX[[\[[XH]B \ٙ\[˂ۘ][ؘYXKX[Y[™\X܋X[K[Y[8&B\H[]X[H[܈H]H[B][Y\\[\[BX[YY]H[[[[B]^H\HX]Z\\Y\š]\Y܈X[ ]X[B\[HZ[HX[\[\^X[]H\[\ܝ[ ۙH[]][\X[\\[XH^X[]H[x&\^Hق[\[\X\H[\]YBYYY]HX\[ۂXZ[\ˈ[]8&\\^X[]H[H[]X[Y\]8&\[]\H\XH8$^x&\HY[K&BB