DCN October 2016 - Page 38

case study LONDON CALLING As a new company, vXtream was in search of a data centre that would not only provide enough rack space to house its assets, but also a venue that would ensure close proximity and accessibility. Russell Drury discovers how Volta’s central London data centre provided the perfect solution. S tarting out in October 2015, vXtream has hit the ground running within the managed cloud and colocation industry. Evolving from the successful MSP Severstream, vXtream provides a range of VoIP customers with dedicated private, virtual private and hybrid cloud services, ensuring proximity through its central London location and network security. 38 vXtream was in search of a data centre that would be able to make the youthful company feel at home through flexible business agreements, accessibility and convenience, power availability and redundancy. Volta’s accommodating attitude towards successful business development was also a key attraction. Over the short period of housing its assets within Volta to date, vXtream has been able to plan for the future due to the vast amount of space and opportunities for growth within the data centre, resulting in a power upgrade from a single 2kW rack to a 40kW independent space. Cohesive team vXtream is run by the same team behind Severstream, which was sold to 6DG in 2012. This extremely cohesive team, which has worked together for 10 years, started a new