DCN October 2016 - Page 31

VPS a light in one room shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on another. You pay for exactly what you need and use in your space, leaving no room for waste. There’s no need to overdimension server capacity as you would to prepare your dedicated server for future growth. You can ‘pay-as-yougrow’ and invest step-by-step when you need more capacity. Furthermore, the costs involved in the online back up of a VPS are substantially lower compared to traditional back up devices. Minimising IT costs and freeing up capital allows businesses to invest in other areas that are important to them. Control is key When using shared infrastructure, it is very much one size fits all. You have to make do with the environment you are given and don’t have either the authority or access to change it. Your usage is interconnected and can have a detrimental effect on that of your neighbour – and vice versa. With VPS you have your own dedicated environment that you have complete control over. You can design it any way you like: adding software you require and removing anything that isn’t needed. A tailor made, secure solution built for you and managed by you alone. VPS can also offer another type of control – control over, and support with, unpredictable eventualities. In other words, a safety net. This means no more panicking at 2am because a disk has packed up and you need to manually find and restore lost data. Instead, the service reboots automatically on another physical server in a data centre, and you don’t lose a thing. Business needs vary Opting for a VPS also does not limit your options. You are still very much in control of your business’ future IT requirements. A VPS doesn’t have to be a stand alone solution, but fits perfectly into hybrid architectures – whether en route to dedicated infrastructure or as an add-on to your existing dedicated set up. It’s easy to focus on your IT requirements as they stand right now, but what about the future? If you want to scale, now is the time to put things in place to make the transition as smooth as possible. Outgrowing your IT could weigh you down and delay your global ambitions - something that can easily be avoided if you future proof your business’ IT. So there you have it, five reasons why VPS could be a viable solution for your business needs. This middle ground can provide time and cost savings that could be instrumental in driving business growth. Stepping up from traditional hosting provides greater control and flexibility without having to move to a dedicated server immediately, and takes away some of the pressures of managing your own IT infrastructure. It’s time to destress with a little VPS! 31