DCN October 2016 - Page 30

VPS DE-STRESS WITH VPS Once upon a time the economics of a virtual private server (VPS) made it a costly option, but they have changed fundamentally. Competition has driven down the cost, making VPS an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional web hosting. Hiren Parekh of OVH discusses five reasons to choose a VPS. U nexpected growth can be both a blessing and a curse in the business world. On the one hand, this is exactly what you want – your happy and satisfied client base flourishing. On the other hand, growth can put a spanner in the works, as you find your operational systems and structure overwhelmed, unprepared to deal with the growth. So, what do you do when projects become restricted by your web hosting system? Or when your storage capacity reaches its limits, but moving to dedicated infrastructure seems a little out of your depth? If these questions are on your radar, you might be in the market for a virtual private server (VPS). If you’re unsure about what exactly I mean by a VPS, imagine a block of flats. All the flats are under the same roof and there is one door to get inside the whole building. However, each flat has its own front door – complete with lock and key – and inside, completely different layouts, number of rooms and decoration. Each flat is tailor made and customised by its inhabitants. The same stands for VPS – one server split into many separate, individual environments and 30 functionally doing the same thing as a physical dedicated server. Over the years, VPS has become an increasingly attractive alternative to bridge the gap between traditional hosting and a dedicated server. Here are five reasons why VPS could be a practical solution for you: Knowledge is power Dedicated infrastructure is an intricate system that requires solid hardware knowledge from the outset, the skills to install and the expertise to maintain. These skills are not common knowledge, and may even require you to invest in IT support or hire someone with the right skill set. A VPS is much simpler to manage because you don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure, so with instantly available resources and software that can be implemented in just a few clicks. Most hosting providers offer customer support services as part of your subscription, saving you the cost of external or internal IT staff. Time is irreplaceable Overseeing the construction of physical infrastructure requires significant time investment. Even once the hardware is installed, maintenance begins. Whether it’s a member of your staff taking time out of their normal day-to-day tasks, or calling in an external expert, you will need someone on hand 24/7 to take care of the equipment. With a VPS, this administration is taken care of and for a small business this can make all the difference. You can free up your team to focus on growing the business and on delivering projects without getting distracted by complicated IT issues while being sure that your systems are in the hands of an expert. Money is precious Although investing in IT infrastructure is definitely necessary, for small but ambitious businesses it can sometimes be a stumbling block. The cost of a VPS is but a fraction of a dedicated physical server, and as you subscribe to a service, your investment becomes an incremental ɅѥɔɅѡȁѡ)ɝхɔ)QЁ́ѡɕ)ݕɕѥɽɕѥ)ݡ͔Lѡ́ɔݕ)͔׊eɔ͕ͥѥ)QɕЁѡЁYAĹѡЁѡ)͡ɥ́ͽѕ䁹Ё)ȁ͕ȁɥLݥэ((0