DCN October 2016 - Page 29

advertisement need to understand both the scope for cloud technology to deliver the specific infrastructure and services they need, and also how to use it when it is in place. Expanding the footprint For 6DG, these trends help shape its strategy. In 2015, after four years of targeted expansion, the company moved onto its next stage of development, and with Mills still at the helm, original owner Penta sold the business to new backers, Charlesbank Capital, a Boston and New York based investment business with more than $3bn of assets under management. Described by Six Degrees as a ‘big hitter’, the partnership is positioned as a meeting of minds and culture – the aim being to create the UK’s largest Managed Services Provider to midmarket customers. Those plans moved forward quickly. Shortly after Charlesbank took ownership, 6DG made its largest acquisition to date, buying Capital Support, a prominent provider of Cloud and IT services to the alternative investment market. In early 2016, the company made two further acquisitions, in the form of specialist providers Carrenza and Insite, adding more strings to its bow, including: Application hosting expertise, particularly for Dynamics AX Application performance management and uptime guarantees Security, Information and Event Management (SIEM) services Public cloud integration for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. To complement and enhance the company’s growth, in September this year, 6DG opened a major new data centre in the heart of Birmingham. Located alongside the city’s thriving ‘Silicon Canal’, the brand new 5,800m2 stateof-the-art facility will deliver high performance energy efficient data centre space to meet the increasing demands of businesses across the Midlands and the UK. The launch of the new ‘Birmingham Central’ facility adds a new chapter to 6DG’s longstanding commitment to invest in the region, with the new addition to the portfolio designed to complement the footprint of the company’s own existing South Birmingham and London based data centres. Mills explains, ‘Despite its high level of automation, the scalability, flexibility and security of cloud technology all \[ۂYHYXY[]H[\ˈX[Y]Bۜ[[X[܈][ۈ[][]x&]HX[YY[]H\X]H[\\Z[[H]X[]K]\\YܙHB]\[ܙ\[ۈ^[\]H[BXH[HZY[ˈHܝ[]HH[HX\و]Z[&\Xۙ]H[ۙHوB[x&\XY[Y][X[&]HZ\Y &BܙX][H]]Kܛ[Y[\BZ[Y\\[و[\Y[\[XY[Y[H۝\Y[\X\BX܋8&\X\\YHۈHX›وX]Z\][ۜ[ܙ[Xܛ ]\˜\X\X]ۙ\H[[[]YX[[ˈ]8&\Z[]\\B[\HوYY[ۈXܛ\Y[\K[\ۈX[]HܙX]HH8' ^x'BYZ[\Xو\Yܛ &B[ZXY  [XZ[Z[]ZYX\]\^\Z[[HIH]YBX\[Y^YܙY\ܛ\YB[XZ[H[[\و]]\HYX\ &HZ^و]\HIHX]]H[\\[ܙ[Xܛ]YH[[]\HX\H][[\\\\Y\8&H^\Z[ˈ8&H]HY[[\[\ۈH[\܈^[\KX]\HX[BXX[[H\H\[X[ZYX\]Y[[\ۈZ[[˜Y^\\K][]H[][H  L\X][ۜ[Z\\[\ˈ^HYY\Z[\H[\X\H]ܛ\œ\ܛH\^\X][ۈ[]\KX[B\]HXو[[ܙX\[B[\Z[[Y[]Yܛ [H\[\]\Y\\H[ܙX\[H[X[[›X[YYX[YYX\]H[X[YY\X[K[وXYYܙX][H]BX\وH][ۋ&B[H^YX\ [\\][X\]XY[\X][ۈ[ۚ]ܚ[X[YY\X[H[X\]KX\X\\\XH][ۜ[۝[Z[^[]XXY[Yܘ][ۈ\X\܈[X^ۈX\X\ZXܛٝ^\H[HY]ܛK&x&]HY[YXZHX[[\ܝ[[\X܈X[H\Y\8&H^\Z[ˈ8&\[\\\HۘH[XHZ\\XU\H[]H]XKX\[[[H\ۈ]^H\ &B܈ Y[H]Hو[\HY[[[\Y[[\[X[\و]X\›ݙ\H\]HYX\ˈ\HYX\]۝[Y\]Y[[Hܛ  \œ][ۙY\ܝ\[\\\HY[\H\XZ[H]HY[]H[\]]]HY[YKˍ˘˝Z‚