DCN October 2016 - Page 27

green IT centre, to the advanced measured assessment of current state and simulation of future potential. Even the most basic deployment of the performance indicator allows for a visualisation of the balance between the metrics, which reflects the balance between risk and waste. It empowers organisations with different goals, whether this is to deliver resilience at the expense of efficiency or computing power at the expense of resilience, to quickly identify how they perform against their targets and track performance over time. When simulation is introduced in the third and fourth levels, rather than just understanding where your facility is now, comparing alternative configurations and predicting how changes will impact each metric – before the fact – becomes a reality. These predictions are only possible thanks to the growing sophistication of computational fluid dynamics. At its most advanced PI provides a framework to assess the effects of changes before they are implemented, whether from IT deployments or the installation of containment. This gives the ability to understand how safe any IT expansion will be, how to utilise 100 per cent design capacity or run through ‘what if’ scenarios to develop strategies for managing issues before they arise. The implications are staggering – by adopting PUE, data centres have dramatically changed expectations for energy efficiency. By building on this with PI they are ensuring that visibility of performance, facility and IT are inextricably connected with the business. This provides the opportunity of improved effectiveness alongside improved efficiency. Tool fit for purpose PUE was a watershed moment for data centres. It was a metric of its time, focused on delivering insight on energy efficiency. As businesses were looking to cut costs and society was looking for ways to preserve the world’s resources, PUE became the go-to metric that delivered. But times have changed. The needs of businesses and society have moved on. That is not to say those original objectives have been abandoned. We still require everything that PUE was good at, but now we need more. In the simplest terms we need to ensure energy efficiency is balanced against resilience and performance. The Green Grid’s Performance Indicator is again a tool for its time, one that will enable the data centre industry to plan, build and, with the use of simulation, see into the future. Web Shop: www.pennelcomonline.com Web Catalogue: www.penn-elcom.com EM - Server Racks Series With their solid high end construction, the EM Rack Servers Series are a high quality solution for all of your IT and audio/visual requirements at an affordable cost. + Vented Design Threaded Rack Rails Removable Adjustable Mounting Depth Side Panels Available Available From 22U to 47U 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm U Sizes 1U Panel Knockouts Castors and Feet Included Depths Comes with tempered glass or vented steel front door onlineuk@penn-elcom.com 01424 429 641 UK MADE