DCN October 2016 - Page 20

green IT LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION The world is becoming increasingly data centric. CIOs are facing growing pressures to source clean, reliable and affordable energy to power their data centres. In this article, Jorge Balcells of Verne Global explores the optimal locations for providing abundant renewable energy resources, and whether green resources are actually always truly green. F or the best part of a decade businesses have been trying to find better ways to become greener and reduce their carbon footprints. This is particularly evident in the IT sector where CIOs are facing increasing pressure to source clean and reliable energy to power IT 20 operations. But they are also being tasked to do so with dwindling budgets. Necessity for stability Data centres represent one of the fastest growing users of electricity in the world. The UK’s ageing power grid is vulnerable. It is constantly facing unprecedented changes, creating a hurdle for companies that want to expand their high performance computing (HPC) and other compute intensive programmes. These factors are further complicated by the recent uncertainty surrounding Hinkley Point, infiltrating anxiety among CIOs and the future of their business. If the state of the UK’s