DCN November 2016 - Page 45

final thought Testing the network Regular network tests can help find misconfigurations or software flaws that open up a potential vulnerability hackers could exploit. Network penetration tests enable the discovery of potential infrastructure security weaknesses. It might also be worth testing security incident identification and response capabilities, in addition to employee security awareness and security policy compliance. With hybrid cloud adoption continuing to rise, IT teams are well advised to regularly evaluate network availability, performance and security of the hybrid cloud environment. This is the best way for them to maintain control of their onpremise infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of the flexibility and efficiencies provided by cloud services. As the hybrid model evolves, organisations are beginning to understand that ‘the cloud’ is not just a thing. It is a multi-dimensional technology that if used well, can help drive innovation and competitiveness. It just needs to be understood, managed and monitored properly in a way that will foster these environments. UK organisations are starting to take note with 80 per cent adopting at least one cloud service. MODULAR SYSTEMS As well as its regular range of features and news items, the next issue of Data Centre News will contain a major feature on modular systems. To make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to advertise your products to this exclusive readership, call Francesca on 01634 673173 or email francesca@allthingsmedialtd.com data centre news