DCN November 2016 - Page 43

products & innovations FALCONSTOR SOFTWARE UNLOCKS FLEXIBLE, ENTERPRISE CLASS STORAGE FalconStor Software has announced FreeStor for the hybrid cloud. Building on its heterogeneous storage platform, it has enabled enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to utilise the performance and reliability benefits of block based enterprise storage within a hybrid model.  New benefits of FreeStor’s intelligent approach to flexible data management include:  Nlyte Software releases colocation edition to improve the profitability of colocation providers Fujitsu has introduced super-fast, all-flash storage systems. New Eternus AF all-flash models are Fujitsu’s fastest ever storage systems, bringing all-flash technology within reach of everyday applications to underpin business transformation. While processor and network speeds have kept pace with the demands of ever faster applications and continual data growth, traditional hard drive (HDD) storage technology has fallen behind. Fujitsu is addressing this with the new Eternus AF allflash storage systems, using solid state drives (SSDs). Eternus AF combines system reliability with the ultra low response times that today’s enterprise applications demand – with SSDs operating up to 500 times faster than traditional disks – to deliver maximum performance for mixed workloads, including databases, VDI, analytics, and Big Data. Eternus AF storage systems enable customers to transform their data centres with super-fast, easily expandable storage solutions that potentially deliver huge reductions in overheads. IT team s also benefit from significantly simplified operations: Automated Quality of Service features dramatically reduce Nlyte Software has announced its new Colocation Edition. The new offering enables colocation and data centre providers to easily generate and share detailed reports with customers regarding power usage effectiveness and data centre capacity planning as well as in-depth analytics identifying unused IT assets and service level agreements (SLAs) validation. Nlyte Colocation Edition also improves transparency and agility in how colocation sales teams can engage with customers. Up-to-theminute analytics on actual data centre infrastructure utilisation provides sales people a powerful tool to quickly answer customers’ questions, improve their close rates, and bolster the profitability of the limited square footage within a colocation’s data centres. Nlyte Colocation Edition also allows colocation providers the ability to offer their customers the Nlyte Enterprise Edition’s data centre asset management capabilities, as a service, for an additional fee. This enables colocation providers to offer a unique, market differentiating value to customers interested in and/ or required to manage the assets being placed and maintained in colocation facilities.  Nlyte’s advanced multi-tenancy capability ensures tenants have access to their specific cages, assets and resources – while providing improved infrastructure transparency with advanced reporting and administration and maintenance requirements, freeing up system engineers from repetitive, mundane tasks. For further information visit: www.fujitsu.com/fts/microsites/all-flash/ dashboard capabilities.  For further information visit: www.nlyte.com  loud enablement – enable users to add public cloud storage in order to create a hybrid C solution that can be managed through a single pane of glass.  S  ecure multi-tenancy – integration with Active Directory or LDAP for authorisation, access and audit compliance providing trustworthy security at all levels of an organisation’s installation. Enhanced analytics – enabling core-to-edge decision making abilities while providing information for proactive management of SLAs.  Unified client management – overcome business disruption with easy, templated agent deployment, simplified configuration and updates, and intelligent analytics from core-to-edge.   Performance optimisation – improved support for NVMe unlocking new levels of I/O and latency. The addition of Linux 7 compliance together with enhanced, patented application acceleration, workload portability both on-premises and in the cloud, and faster zero-downtime configurations.  For further information visit: www.falconstor.com Fujitsu launches Eternus all-flash storage 43