DCN November 2016 - Page 42

products & innovations Pure Storage introduces petabyte scale flash storage for cloud IT Pure Storage has introduced the availability of petabyte scale storage for mission critical cloud IT, anchored by the release of the next generation of FlashArray//m, the company’s flagship all-flash storage array, which now delivers high performance with the simplicity and agility of public cloud. The FlashArray//m now offers customers petabyte scale capacity with a measured 99.9999 per cent availability and always-on Quality of Service – virtually eliminating storage downtime and application performance risk. For more information on today’s announcements, Pure Storage has launched ‘Outside the Box’ - an ongoing informational video series for the technical community which debuts today. With the release of the next generation FlashArray//m, Pure Storage is equipping customers with smart storage, storage that is purpose built to be effortless, efficient and evergreen – and capable of delivering the simplicity, automation, resiliency, and customer friendly business model which are all essential for cloud IT. For further information visit: www.purestorage.com 42 Trackit announces new cloud based asset management solution For more than eight years Trackit’s software and solutions have provided complete visibility of DC/IT assets for some of the world’s largest companies and demonstrated the value of having accurate, trusted asset data. Trackit has taken customer and market insight on board and developed a new cloud based asset management solution for enterprise businesses – Trackit Pro. The new software allows you to manage any type of physical asset (including DC, IT and M&E assets) on one intuitive platform. Trackit Pro requires no installation, is entirely web based and fully responsive - simply browse to the site and start populating assets quickly and accurately from any device. Drag and drop CAD plans into locations to automatically generate multiple layers of information and overlay the assets to build up a true environment representation in minutes. As assets move and change, dynamically report on space and resource capacities to help plan and manage IT areas. Optionally, layer on additional information such as environmental monitoring using the Trackit Pro API to visualise all available data in one place. This software will empower enterprise clients with full visibility and the insight they need to make more intelligent strategic decisions to more effectively manage their entire DC/IT asset lifecycle. For further information visit: http://bit.ly/2eAZg4X EXASOL ADDS SUPPORT FOR DATA VIRTUALISATION AND DATA INTEGRATION Businesses that want to benefit from high performance analytics on data from a wide variety of data sources using any programming language can now do so with the release of Exasol v6.0, the next generation high performance in-memory analytic database solution. With support for the concept of the logical data warehouse, Exasol v6.0 includes a data virtualisation framework called ‘virtual schemas’ as well as a high performance data integration framework, which allows companies to deploy the database into any heterogeneous infrastructure. The company has placed particular focus on Hadoop based storage systems, making the data resident in these systems now available for high performance data analytics within the Exasol database. Both frameworks can be customised by users in line with their own specific requirements and offer a high level of flexibility so that businesses can connect to and analyse data faster than ever before. Furthermore, the new version of the database includes support for a wide variety of programming languages. Users can deploy their own language and run it in the database, making use of Exasol’s in-database analytics abilities in their own way.  For further information visit: www.exasol.com