DCN November 2016 - Page 36

projects & agreements ZENIUM ANNOUNCES CONTRACT WINS AT FRANKFURT ONE Zenium has announced that it has secured two new customers at its Frankfurt One data centre. The contract wins confirm strong ongoing interest in the state-of-the-art facility and also contribute towards Zenium’s strongest global sales performance to date. The first customer approached Zenium as part of a market-wide initiative to identify a reputable data centre operator that could offer a hybrid solution to effectively link between a hardware platform and software services. The second chose Zenium as a result of its ability to support future expansion plans; an element of the Zenium business model that major cloud providers are finding very compelling. Energy efficiency remains high on the German data centre agenda as does the need for high levels of resilience to guarantee service levels required by our customers. Zenium Frankfurt One provides one of the best PUEs in Frankfurt combined with the added advantage of 110kV dual redundant power supplies to the site.  Strategically located in Sossenheim, Frankfurt One extends to 5,000m2 (9.1MW IT load) of net technical space. It is situated on a highly secure campus that will ultimately provide a total of 15,000m2 (26.7MW IT load) across two buildings.  Swiss video surveillance company Morphean keeps its data securely in Europe with Interoute Virtual Data Centre Interoute has announced that Morphean is hosting its management platform for content analysis videos and incident detection in Interoute Virtual Data Centre. Currently, Morphean already hosts its Videoprotector platform in Interoute Virtual Data Centres in Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt and London. It is available in SaaS mode for its customers (CCTV companies, physical security device installers and service providers) who use the solution or resell it as a white labelled solution. Videoprotector is much more than just a hosted video surveillance platform. It offers the best and easiest solution to monitor, protect or analyse shops, stations, small offices, buildings or industries. Its unique active learning video analysis technology scans human behaviour to detect incidents or report business activities. 36 Daisy selects EkkoSoft Critical data centre environment solution

 EkkoSense has announced that IT and telecommunications provider Daisy Group is successfully using EkkoSoft Critical, an intuitive and immersive web based 3D software and sensor offering for managing its critical data centre facilities. Used as part of a strategic data centre optimisation service by EkkoSense, the solution has already helped to reduce energy costs by 19 per cent at one of Daisy’s key UK data centres and the project is set to achieve a full Return on Investment in under a year. EkkoSense Critical presents a real time 3D view of one of both physical and thermal data centre dynamics. Using this real time data, EkkoSense consultants have helped implement changes to provide Daisy with significant energy saving opportunities, thermal compliance and balanced airflow. VOLTA DATA CENTRES AND LUXCONNECT JOIN FORCES TO SOLVE CHALLENGES OF EUROPEAN UNION AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY Colocation providers Volta Data Centres in London and LuxConnect in Luxembourg have forged an alliance in a bid to connect the two most strategically important communication hubs in Europe. The alliance is designed to combine strengths and help companies meet the challenges presented by changing regulations and capacity fluctuations. This strategi ͍͕݅́Ёɕѥѡ1ᕵɜ)䁥1=ѽȁѕѡͅȁ1ᕵɜ!5)Aɥɜ)Yфф ɕ͔́́եЁѡЁͥ́ݕMɕэѡ) 䁽1Qͥєѕɕɉ̰͡ɽ٥͕́ɔѥ)љɴȁ͵ȁմͥ镐ѕɥ͔ɽݥ̰ȁѕɥ͔)Ѽձѥݥ͕ͥ́ѼЁ͕ͱ)Ѽѡݽɱ1 Ё́ȁձѤQȀQȀȰ̀Ффɕ́ѡɅ)Ս䁽1ᕵɜѥѡUѥ%ѥєMٕɅ́ɽ)ѕхЁɍɔѕЁ́ѥ̸)Q́Ёѕɥѡ͕ɥ䁅ѥե䁹)́ѡ͡ѥѥɍ͍́ɕѕ䁄)ɽݥ%P͕٥͕́ѽȁѡѕѥɕՍɥѡTݥ) ɥхé ɕЁٽє((0