DCN November 2016 - Page 3

contents Vol. 5 | Issue 5 November 2016 data centre news SPECIAL FEATURE: w w w. d a t a c e n t r e n e w s . c o . u k Security 18 Tom Rowley of Savvius Empower your business. Redwire Data Centre. INSIDE… Vol. 5 | Issue 05 | November 2016 SPECIAL FEATURE SECURITY INTERVIEW: MEET… TONY MARTIN OF FALCONSTOR OPINION: THE DATA CENTRE’S ROLE IN SUPPORTING INTERNET VIDEO discusses the role postbreach forensics can play in regaining the upper hand against cyber criminals 20 Kasey Cross of LightCyber explores the different ways to win the war on cybercrime 22 Rob Cooper of IO UK highlights the importance of securing the data centre in a digital age 4 Welcome 30 Video latency What to look out for in this issue 6 Industry News Graham Jarvis of Luminous PR explains the role of the data centre in supporting video with mitigated latency All the latest news, views and industry information 12 Centre of Attention Luca Rozzoni of Chatsworth Products discusses best practice approach to thermal management and optimising your data centre for the future 34 Linux Martin Percival of Red Hat looks back at 25 years of Linux in the data centre 36 Projects & agreements High profile installations and contract agreements 16 Meet Me Room 40 Products & innovations Tony Martin of FalconStor talks about his company’s aims for 2017, and reveals the time period he would most like to travel back to The latest and greatest products and systems designed for the data centre 44 Final Thought Michael Hack of Ipswitch explains how IT can make hybrid cloud work 25 Greg McCulloch of Aegis Data asks whether the data centre is a hacker’s early Christmas gift 28 Michael Winterson of Equinix Services explains how interconnection offers answers to the security challenges facing today’s businesses 3