DCN November 2016 - Page 26

security party provider however, they should have a separate network set up for their office infrastructure that does not allow access to the servers housed within the data centre. This distinct network division can help to mitigate some of more common threats associated with networks and emails that can back travel into the data centre. With a multitude of threats aimed at the data centre and a host of access points, it is crucial IoT devices are already responsible for crashing a series of high profile websites through distributed denial-of-services (DDoS) attacks for the data centre to be designed and maintained in a manner that reduces that chances of attackers gaining access. From DDoS attacks, threats to unsecure IoT devices, ‘state sponsored’ hackers and social engineering, network infrastructure and data has never been more at risk. As the threats diversify, so do the preventative measures. By recognising that the data centre is a key area for hackers, facility and network managers can ensure they have taken the necessary steps to ensure their site and their data is secure. If not they are only opening themselves up to vulnerabilities. 26