DCN November 2016 - Page 23

security reconfigured to meet the changing demands of industry regulation. Another benefit of the modular approach is that it brings the secure environment of the data centre to the furthest reaches of a business’ network. Modules can be locally installed as ‘edge data centre’ units, connecting distributed communities and devices to the central network. Security is no less of a factor in these more remote locations. If anything, providers need to be more attuned to the issue because edge modules typically sit outside of the additional physical perimeter of a closely guarded data centre. This is where the security customisation options of modules really come into their own. Data centres have an incredibly important role to play in the digitisation of business and the wider economy. As more industries embed connectivity and analytics within their processes they will heavily depend on the security and constant availability of their expanding data sets for their ongoing survival. The hot topics of enterprise IT – IoT, Big Data manipulation, machine-to-machine communication – all fundamentally rely on the resilience and security that only data centres can provide. Data centres have an incredibly important role to play in the digitisation of business. Web Shop: www.pennelcomonline.com Web Catalogue: www.penn-elcom.com EM - Server Racks Series With their solid high end construction, the EM Rack Servers Series are a high quality solution for all of your IT and audio/visual requirements at an affordable cost. + Vented Design Threaded Rack Rails Removable Adjustable Mounting Depth Side Panels Available Available From 22U to 47U 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm U Sizes 1U Panel Knockouts Castors and Feet Included Depths Comes with tempered glass or vented steel front door onlineuk@penn-elcom.com 01424 429 641 UK MADE