DCN November 2016 - Page 12

centre of attention READY TO RESHAPE Luca Rozzoni of Chatsworth Products discusses best practice approach to thermal management and optimising your data centre for the future. A s technologies surrounding cloud computing and convergence continue to evolve, the data centre industry is increasingly being tasked with supporting these platforms and the way data centre resources are being utilised is changing. Data centres are having to reshape their strategies to allow for greater capacity and to ensure they can provide the highest quality, 12 uninterrupted service that is being demanded of them. Data centre decision makers must work to identify where their resources are currently allocated and how they can best be optimised. Key to this is embracing the latest thermal efficiency and power and environmental monitoring strategies. New kinds of cooling technologies and power systems aim to create an even healthier data centre ecosystem capable of evolving with new trends. Data centre managers must be careful not to limit themselves with architectures that specify limited power capabilities. It’s important to define power requirements and monitor power use, not only to know how much power is being used, but to make the environment more efficient, and identify ways to save on power based on requirements. For example, certain power heavy racks may need to be distributed more efficiently and, as space becomes a