DCN May 2017 - Page 49

final thought they need to allow for a rapid increase in popularity if it takes off. Connectivity ‘Reliable and fast connectivity is a vital factor to consider when choosing where to host an App.’ Reliable and fast connectivity is a vital factor to consider when choosing where to host an App. Nothing is worse than spending time on content that can’t be delivered to users due to sluggish connections. Rapid connectivity is also essential in order keep Apps continuously updated, whether that be with security patches or new functionality. If Apps aren’t running efficiently or kept up to date, this can seriously impact on the user rating. By making connectivity a priority, this will help the App run smoothly and reduce the chance of downtime. Scalability So, the App is live. Developers have spent months preparing it for use. It is innovative and promises to change the lives of its users. But what if the server goes down as a result of a lack of storage capacity? A common mistake is failing to recognise the importance of having a scalable hosting solution. The success of an App is often unpredictable, and if there is an unanticipated explosion of downloads, developers don’t want to be left scrambling for more storage space. A successful App needs to be able to grow with its end users, without impacting the overall user experience. household name. But there’s a lot to consider when creating an App. Besides the functionality – whether they are looking to disrupt the way an entire industry works or simply provide entertainment – it’s important that developers consider which technology and data storage Security Most Apps will store some sort of user data – whether that be sensitive financial information, health data or simple details such as users’ email addresses or their whereabouts – and this can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. We have seen both Uber and Deliveroo fall victim of a cyber attack in recent years and so developers need to be aware that their App may be seen as a valuable target. Security is therefore crucial, and the importance of this increases together with the number of users and the amount of data that is handled and stored. From physical to cyber threats, App developers need to be aware of who has access to this information. The consequences of a data breach attack are well documented and can be catastrophic. Not only would this scenario significantly impact reputation, the investigation into what happened and resolving the issue can dramatically impact a company’s bottom line. This is why security needs to be a priority when developing and hosting an App. Migration Some Apps may start off being hosted from one server and need to move elsewhere as they evolve and collect more data. At this stage, it is vital that the App transition is managed properly by a specialist. This will ensure there is no downtime experienced by the users and keep the developers safe in the knowledge that their App and important data is secure at all times. It’s not worth risking it. Ensuring these areas are considered when developing and hosting an App is vital, since connectivity, scalability and security are all key components for success. For those looking to host their App with an external provider, these are the areas that should be considered when deciding who to go with. Of course, getting the foundations right can’t guarantee success, but it can certainly provide a platform from which to build and grow. May 2017 | 49