DCN May 2017 - Page 46

Products & innovations Cohesity Improves Efficiency and Extends Hyperconverged Secondary Storage Platform Cohesity has announced Cohesity 4.0, which further advances the company’s vision to eliminate costly and hard to manage point solutions by consolidating all secondary data workloads on a single, web-scale infrastructure. The new offerings, Cohesity DataPlatform 4.0 and Cohesity DataProtect 4.0, expand Cohesity’s capabilities far beyond back up to bring together even more data formats and infrastructures, including object storage and network attached storage (NAS), onto its hyperconverged platform. With new features that make secondary storage management easier and more efficient, the fourth generation platform enables more enterprises to realise the benefits of hyperconvergence for an even greater array of secondary data use cases. Cohesity DataProtect 4.0 now includes NAS back ups and more features for virtual and physical server back ups. Furthermore, this release provides greater infrastructure efficiency with the introduction of erasure coding, which provides up to 43 per cent improvement in usable capacity over replication. Cohesity simultaneously announced that it raised over $90 million in a Series C funding round to meet surging customer demand. This release pushes Cohesity’s capabilities beyond data protection, converging different infrastructures to support enterprises that are moving towards a multi-cloud future. For further information visit: www. cohesity.com/not-just-backup/ 46 | May 2017 Rittal’s DX Enclosure Based Cooling Solutions Support Growing IT Needs With ever expanding IT environments the issue of cooling the equipment becomes acute. The Rittal LCU DX and LCP DX solutions deliver enclosure based cooling via direct expansion units. The units are easy to install simply by mounting them on the side panels inside IT racks. Rittal’s LCU DX (Liquid Cooling Unit) offers enclosure based cooling with DX units mounted inside 800-wide IT racks. They are available with up to 6.5kW output in both single and dual redunacy variants. The LCU system features horizontal air circulati on, supporting the conventional method of front-to-back airflow to the 19in racks. Cold air is blown directly in front of the components. After being warmed by the servers, the air is drawn into the cooling unit at the rear of the enclosure and passes through the heat exchanger, which cools it down. This method requires IT enclosures that are sufficiently airtight, such as Rittal’s TS IT series. Otherwise cold air will escape, impacting overall efficiency. LCU DX units are installable in 800mm server enclosures. The Rittal LCP DX (Liquid Cooling Package) is another example of a rack cooling unit. Suitable for 12kW power dissipation, it can be mounted on the side of an IT enclosure, enabling a single device to cool two enclosures. For further information visit: www.rittal.co.uk Excel Enhances its Fibre Offering Excel Networking Solutions has significantly enhanced its fibre offering with the addition of new high density products and has also introduced the brand name ‘Enbeam’ to denote the complete fibre solution. The latest additions to the range include the new Enbeam fibre panel – 1U 19in 12-cassette high density panel that provides an expandable and innovative cassette based patching solution. The panel offers a capacity of 12 cassettes, each containing 12 fibres offering up to 144 fibres per 1U, with either LC or MTP presentation. All cassettes can be mixed and matched as required and include the LC-MTP HD 6-port cassette, the LC HD 6-port cassette and the MTP HD 4-port through-coupler. The Enbeam 1U 144 fibre LC angled panel provides high density LC patching offering 72 ports/144 fibres in 1U. The angled design negates the need for additional patch cord management, further increasing the potential density of this system. Designed as a pass-through patching panel it features a large rear cable manager for location of the rear cables/patch leads. Finally, the Enbeam LC Uniboot patch cords provide excellent performance in a compact design, using 2mm round cable containing 2x600 micron diameter fibres, which are ideal in high density applications. These patch cords are available in two versions – standard uniboot and a pull-tab version. Both versions allow for easy polarity changing. For further information visit: www.excel-networking.com