DCN May 2017 - Page 44

Products & innovations Harting’s ‘smart’ Han-Modular ID connectors enable Industry 4.0 production process improvements Harting is expanding its range of ‘smart’ connectors, which can provide identification of key machine components or functional control elements and are also increasingly being deployed for machinery predictive maintenance. Communication can be performed using inexpensive bidirectional systems like the I2C bus, as well as standardised bus systems such as CAN Bus. Implementation as a Han- Modular module ensures that identification is flexibly integrated into interfaces which comprehensively supply machines with power, data and signals, in the most optimum space saving manner possible. For modular designed machinery with pluggable drives, auxiliary equipment and other controller units, ID modules help to ensure that each machine module is instantly recognised by the automation control system as it is fitted or replaced, saving machine set-up time and limiting operator error by ensuring that the correct one is applied according to the operational requirements. For Industry 4.0 applications, integration takes place via network enabled devices or, in future, directly via an Ethernet interface. This in turn implements end-to-end networking of the data. For further information visit: www.harting.co.uk 44 | May 2017 Pure Storage Announces FlashArray//X Pure Storage has announced FlashArray//X, the company’s first all-NVMe, enterprise class all-flash array. Built on proven FlashArray architecture, FlashArray//X enables true global flash management with new Purity DirectFlash software and NVMe DirectFlash Modules from Pure Storage, which eliminate performance bottlenecks associated with legacy technologies. This end-to-end, software-to-raw flash optimisation over NVMe dramatically improves system performance and allows customers to further unlock the value of their data. It also reduces latency by up to 50 per cent, and increases write bandwidth by up to 2x and performance density by up to 4x. Within the FlashArray family, FlashArray//M delivers general purpose consolidation at optimal value and FlashArray//X offers maximum consolidation power per rack unit. Customers can now consolidate and run their most demanding workloads on just 10 DirectFlash Modules. Pure combines purpose built software and hardware with its Evergreen Storage program to create a storage experience for the modern digital enterprise – proven 99.9999 per cent availability and rich data services. Since its inception, Pure Storage has designed arrays architected specifically for flash from the ground up. DirectFlash represents the future of storage, a future that is modern and allows software to communicate directly with the flash media, without the inefficiencies or limitations of existing solid-state drives (SSDs) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). For further information visit: www.purestorage.com EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 now available to provide 3D virtual reality visualisation across entire data centre estates EkkoSense has released EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 – its immersive 3D thermal visualisation and monitoring software and sensor offering for managing critical data centre thermal risks. EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 provides organisations with real time, rack level thermal monitoring using 360° virtual reality to visualise hot and cold spots – across entire data centre estates. 3D-modelling, 360° visualisation and real time thermal monitoring is combined in EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 to provide data centre managers with a holistic and immersive 3D real time view of their entire data centre environment. The latest version offers estate-wide aggregation, enabling high level visualisation of key environmental, cooling and power metrics, as well as live indicators of any specific thermal, power or device communication issues. Key EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 functionality includes rack level thermal/airflow/power monitoring from manual and sensor inputs; 3D visualisation of data centre thermal and cooling profiles, enabling tracking of cooling performance/efficiency and management of thermal compliance; as well as an easy to use rapid 3D Room Builder that lets data centre managers model and build their own room layouts virtually. The solution’s 3D immersive views let you virtually walk through the data centre environment – regardless of location – to check on specific racks and monitor airflows. For further information visit: www.ekkosense.co.uk