DCN May 2017 - Page 42

Projects & Agreements 3W Infra Migrates its IaaS Infrastructure to New Data Centre in Amsterdam to Support Customer Growth 3W Infra has announced the migration of its complete IaaS infrastructure to a newly commissioned data centre configured for high redundancy in Amsterdam. The migration to this new data hall is part of an infrastructural upgrade to support 3W Infra’s rapid customer growth. 3W Infra has migrated its IaaS infrastructure, including dedicated servers and network infrastructure, to a new data hall within Switch Datacentres’ Amsterdam based data centre complex, Switch AMS1. This new data centre features a highly energy efficient data centre design through the use of indirect adiabatic cooling technology and hot aisle containment. Designed for flexibility and scalability, this new data centre hall in Switch AMS1 offers an extended capacity of about 400 data centre racks and enables 3W Infra to offer companies considerable growth perspective. Its scalable power modules starting at five Ampere per cabinet up to 25 Ampere for high density requirements (scalable steps of Ampere) are aimed at a wide range of customer types - from startups to enterprises and companies with demanding applications. For further information visit: www.3winfra.com Huawei Partners with Global Switch to Build Modular Data Centres Supporting Smart O&M At this year’s CeBIT, Huawei announced that it has partnered with the Global Switch. Global Switch has built a reputation for creating data centres that set new standards in scale, resilience, and connectivity. The latest focus is on improving efficiency in data centre operation and maintenance (O&M) while reducing operating expense. Huawei’s mission is to provide simple, efficient, and reliable data centre solutions. It leverage s innovative technologies such as iPower, iCooling, and iManager in its modular data centre solutions to build digital, networked, and smart data centres. Huawei hopes to help Global Switch develop new solutions in building data centres that support smart O&M. The partnership between Huawei and Global Switch establishes an understanding between both companies to allow them to explore ways to mutually benefit from and develop each other’s businesses in respect of data centre design, operation and maintenance and the utilisation of technical space in a data centre. For further information visit: www.huawei.com and www.globalswitch.com 42 | May 2017