DCN May 2017 - Page 37

managed service providers that can optimise resources, deliver end-to-end application management and steer strategy for the future. These partnerships will become particularly important as new legislation around data protection – think GDPR – starts to come into effect. Below, two experts in the field give their own opinion about what these latest findings say about the hybrid cloud and managed services market as well as what customers should look for when choosing to work with a third party provider. Jake Madders, director at Hyve Managed Hosting, comments, ‘It’s no surprise that this recent research proves the managed services market is soaring. As the number of organisations beginning their cloud journey increases, so too does the demand for the expertise, knowledge and tools that make the transition successful. The survey found that 60 per cent of organisations would be willing to pay twice as much to have a single, trusted advisor to fully manage their IT needs. And as much as throwing money at IT definitely buys quality, companies should be smart about investment as the dependency on IT is all encompassing. ‘Investment in a hosting provider is a wise use of this budget, but as the recent cyber breach of ABTA has shown, consideration must be given to a third party’s service quality. Factors to consider include security, compliance, scalability and performance, but, as the findings also show, support services are the area most likely to see the biggest increase in demand in the coming year. ‘As more and more businesses move away from traditional IT, there is greater emphasis on the reliability of the service provider to guide and support the change. Any good hosting provider will offer 24/7 support as standard, reinforced by a robust SLA. However, having full confidence that your provider will pick up the phone during a crisis and have a pers )ѡѡȁѡѡ)́չх́)ͥ́́ɥ̸+aQɔɔЁ)͕٥́ɽ٥́ݥѼ)ȁѡݽɱЁѡ͔ɔ)ѡɕ́ݡɔѡݥձ)хлd))5̰)!ٔ5)!ѥ)Aհ5̰M)ɕ́ɽ)Aհ5̰ɽ́ͅɕѽ)ЁMɕ́ɽ̰ͅ+aIЁɕ͕ɍՍѕ)5ɽͽЁāɽ)́ѕѡ)хمՔ)͕٥́ݡЁ́ѼՐ)ѥ%Ё́ɥ͔ѡ)ɥՐ͕٥́)ѽ́ѡЁɅѥٔ)嵕Ёȁ͕̰ͥ)ɥѡЁ᥉䁅)ȁݽɭ̸Q́ɥ)ɽѕ́%Séɕͽɍ)䁙ȁѥɕ͕)ɅՍɔ᥵͕)ɕɸѥٕѵ̸+aQѡѡɽ՝)ѡ́хɅ͙ɵѥ)́ȁѡЁѽ́݅Ё)ѕ٥ͽȸ́ѡյ)Ր́ɕ͕)ѡѕ䁱͍)́ɔఁЁ)չѥхͬȁ́Ѽ)ѥ䁄ͥՐɽ٥)ѼЁѡȁٕȁ)̸5͕٥ɽ٥)ɔəѱͥѥѼ٥͔)хɅ͙ɵѥ)ѡхѥɥ)Ʌѕ丁Q́́%Pѕ́Ѽ)ٕ́ɥѥѥٔ)ͥ́مхɥٔ)͕٥ͅѥ͙ѥɽи) ͕ѡ́ɕ͕ɍ)ѡ٥̰́)ӊé٥́ѡЁѡɔ́՝)չ䁥ѡՐɭ)ȁ͕ͥ́Ѽхمх)ѡəɵ͍)مѡЁՐɍѕɔ)ɽ٥̸%ɸ͕٥)ɽ٥́ɱ䁡ٔՅ)չѼх͔ѡ)ɝѥѡ䁅ɔ)Ѽȁѥ͔䁅)͕٥́ɥȁи%)ݥѕɕѥѼ͕ݡɔ)ѡɭЁ́ѡЁ)啅̰܁͕ͥ́ѥՔ)ѼЁɥՐ́)܁͕٥ɽ٥)ݥѠѡɽݥ)ѡȁեd)5܁