DCN May 2017 - Page 3

contents WWW.DATACENTRENEWS.CO.UK in this issue… may 2017 data centre news May 2017 inside... INTERVIEW: SPECIAL FEATURE: Design & Facilities Management OPINION: A runner’s guide to data centres Conor McGrath of Retarus joins DCN in the Meet Me Room 04 Welcome 34 Load balancers Sick and vulnerable Ranga Rajagopalan of Avi Networks explains four strategies for optimising load balancers and application performance 07 Industry News Organisations unprepared for 2018 European Data Protection Regulation 12 Centre of Attention Gary Quinn of FalconStor looks at how organisations can achieve the most from their data and what the IT team need to be doing to achieve this 14 Meet Me Room Conor McGrath of Retarus discusses data centre security – and riding dinosaurs! 32 Legacy An expert from GCHQ looks at life after legacy 36 Managed service providers Why do more organisations now consider service providers vital for digital transformation? Russell Drury gets the views of two industry experts 39 Projects & agreements MainOne announces Sagamu investment 44 Products & innovations Excel enhances fibre offering 48 Final Thought Rob Garbutt of LDeX Group explains what to consider when hosting an App SPECIAL FEATURE: Design & facilities management 17 Nick Carter of Ramboll explores whether the location of future UK data centres should be determined by the potential to recycle energy 20 Ralph Mannion of Kingspan Access Floors discusses raised flooring systems in a data centre 24 Fresh thinking and new ideas are vital to maintain the ongoing improvement in data centre design and management, argues Zac Potts of Sudlows 28 Data centres are faster, smarter and more important than ever, says Jonathan Arnold of Volta May 2017 | 3