DCN May 2017 - Page 28

design & facilities Management A PHYSICAL CHALLENGE Jonathan Arnold, managing director at Volta, explains why data centres are faster, smarter and more important than ever. O ne of my favourite data centre related stories concerns a certain UK government minister who, it is reported, asked the question: ‘With the cloud taking over, what will happen to all the empty data centres?’ The suggestion behind the question seemed to be that the world’s information would, somehow, hover in data clouds somewhere 28 | May 2017 in the earth’s atmosphere and that we’d be able to access whatever we wanted, whenever and wherever we happened to be at the time. Substitut aфɗdȃaф)Ցϊdѡӊéɕ䁵Ս)ݡЁѡͥՅѥ́L)ȁф͕́)ɔɔфɕ́)ѡ́Ѽɸɽа)ѥ́%PɅՍɔ)ѡ́ф́مѼ́)ݡٕȁݡɕٕȁݔɔ)$ͅ䁅а͔ѡɔɔ)ѥͽȁѥ٥)́ѼٕɍL)ݡѡȁӊéѡ)ͥɅѡȁѽ)ѥ́ѡU,ɥЁܰ)ѡͽݡЁȁ)ѡեЁͥ)ɅՍɔѡɔɕє)́ѡЀфɔ)ѡѥͽ