DCN May 2017 - Page 14

meet me room CONOR MCGRATH – RETARUS As country manager for Retarus in the UK and Ireland Conor McGrath is responsible for fostering and expanding business relationships in the UK and Ireland, as well as intensifying the cooperation with existing customers. Prior to joining Retarus he was responsible, amongst other things, for new international business as vice president of sales transformation at Nomura Bank International. Prior to that, Conor held various leadership positions over many years at British Telecom. His career experience also includes positions at ITC companies such as Siemens, Fujitsu and Northern Telecom. What made you decide on a career in the IT industry? The gentle observations of my father telling me I was a good talker helped me slide into the role of sales after I left college. So, my very first interview was with Siemens in London where I was selling key systems and PBX. I never left sales, but I did leave IT for investment banking for a while and then returned to IT. It was just luck that I actually enjoy working in the tech industry! 14 | May 2017 Are there any major changes that you would like to see in the data centre industry? Data centre security can always be improved. Not just the technology, adopting open standards and simplifying architectures…but training people to be aware of the different ways service threats can be made. Data centre owners also need to be vigilant to the security threat of their own people. Better visibility of the information flow process for the end customer too would be great. After all, it is their information we are moving around – they should be able to see where it is at all times.