DCN May 2016 - Page 48

products & innovations XANGATI LAUNCHES NEXT GEN PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL PLATFORM Xangati has announced its next generation service assurance analytics and performance control platform for hybrid cloud infrastructures. Xangati ESP for Cloud Workspace and Cloud Infrastructure features self-healing support for new compute environments, new storage and networking data sources and enhanced visibility into end user metrics, spanning a range of software dashboard modules for Virtual Infrastructure (VI), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Applications. The Xangati ESP is a virtual appliance built on a common in-memory architecture that visualises performance data with unprecedented speed and scale across multiple dashboard software modules. Crunching hundreds of thousands of interactions in real time, without the use of agents or probes, Xangati enables predictive analytics based on dynamic threshold algorithms that determine acceptable service levels for performance, efficiency, capacity, availability and cost. X