DCN May 2016 - Page 46

products & innovations SanDisk and IBM collaborate to deliver software defined all-flash storage solutions SanDisk Corporation and IBM have announced a collaboration to bring out a unique class of next generation, software defined, all-flash storage solutions for the data centre. At the core of this collaboration are SanDisk’s InfiniFlash System – a high capacity and extreme performance flash based software defined storage system featuring IBM Spectrum ScaleTM filesystem from IBM. As bi-modal IT, traditional and cloud native applications become social, mobile and real time, IT groups must address the mounting pressure to deliver best-of-breed storage. The InfiniFlash for IBM Spectrum Scale Solution is a scaleout, ultra dense system combined with IBM Spectrum Scale and allows private, hybrid and public cloud customers to enable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by starting small and growing to multiple petabytes. InfiniFlash delivers the ability to scale compute and storage independently, while delivering the high reliability and low failure rate of flash, resulting in breakthrough capex and opex savings. The joint flash storage solution will address use cases such as clustered scale-out high performance NAS, Big Data In-Place analytics and OpenStack for files. For further information visit www.sandisk.com 46 Flexera Software extends the power of Software Asset Management Flexera Software has announced the launch of FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure. The first solution from a Software Asset Management (SAM) vendor addressing the management of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure gives organisations centralised visibility into their cloud services use and allows them to optimise utilisation and control costs. This first release of FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure focuses on optimisation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the most widely adopted cloud infrastructure service. Most organisations have multiple cloud accounts that are often purchased in a decentralised fashion by different departments and business units. Because of this, FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure will automatically import usage and billing data from multiple accounts to deliver a centralised view of all AWS accounts and instances across the enterprise. Cloud usage analysis and reporting enables organisations to eliminate waste and optimise spend. Organisations can analyse data and view consumption reports and breakdowns based on AWS instance types (On-demand and Reserved Instances), view consumption rates by departments and perform trending analysis. For further information visit www.flexerasoftware.com ADVA OPTICAL NETWORKING LAUNCHES MICROMUX MODULE FOR ULTIMATE DCI SCALABILITY ADVA Optical Networking has unveiled its new MicroMux(TM) module – the latest addition to its FSP 3000 CloudConnect solution. The module provides client port flexibility for data centre interconnect (DCI) applications without compromising power, space or spectral efficiency. The active QSFP28 adaptor has been designed to convert 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) client ports into either 10x10GbE ports or 2x40GbE ports. This capability is key for Internet content providers (ICPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) that need DCI infrastructure that can both support current service demands and effectively scale for future growth. The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect platform now offers 10GbE, 40GbE and 100 v$P