DCN May 2016 - Page 45

projects & agreements MacRoberts LLP selects Gridstore Hyperconverged Infrastructure to manage 40 million documents Gridstore has announced that MacRoberts LLP, one of Scotland’s leading commercial law firms has chosen Gridstore’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) to manage over 40 million documents across the practice’s three sites as a result of a major infrastructure refresh. The implementation of 4U of Gridstore flash based hyperconverged appliances which replaces six racks of servers and storage, has drastically cut the physical footprint and power use, as well as bringing near real time replication. The Gridstore solution replaced three racks of 42U each at its Glasgow and Edinburgh sites. These were comprised of approximately 40 HP DL580 and 380 G6 generation servers plus a HP Lefthand SAN deployment, all of which were overburdened and beyond capacity. This ageing infrastructure presented a business risk to the organisation, limiting its ability to meet its partner and customer demands for fast document access and responsive infrastructure. Limited scalability and onerous management overhead, along with slow performance caused multiple issues, including risk of losing data. To address the issues of data protection and regular back ups MacRoberts conducted an evaluation of solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Cisco, EMC, Nimble Storage and Nutanix, but none met its need for performance, simplicity, or integration with Microsoft. CLOETTA FINDS LIFE IN THE CLOUD SWEETER ON INTEROUTE’S DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE PLATFORM Interoute has announced that Cloetta has chosen Interoute Cloud Connect (ICC) to enable its move to Microsoft 365 cloud based Apps and help Cloetta to effectively manage its global IT user demands for flexible mobile working. Cloetta makes candy, chocolates, jelly beans, nuts and chewing gum products which are sold in more than 50 markets worldwide. As its local offices migrate to Microsoft Office 365 and begin to utilise an increasing number of cloud based applications, Cloetta needed a network solution that could support this more distributed way of working. ICC works as a cloud accelerator, intelligently optimising application data flows between local office IT and the head office private cloud, as well as accelerating services delivered from various public clouds. Interoute’s core digital backbone with ICC deployed at the edge gives local offices fast internet access to the applications they need in a secure, controlled environment that is integrated with the core MPLS network that carries Cloetta’s critical data traffic. ICC devices have been installed in Cloetta’s 26 sites across Europe, each integrated into the VPN, but also providing secure local Internet breakout for local applications and cloud based services.