DCN May 2016 - Page 32

apprenticeships YOUTH APPEAL Russell Poole and Tom Davy of Equinix discuss the importance of apprenticeships in the data centre industry. Russell Poole Equinix UK Managing Director The technology industry continues to expand at a rapid pace and in order to support that data centres need to be one step ahead, providing the infrastructure required by the technology. Aside from planning for 32 the physical building of data centres, we need to ensure that we have sufficient numbers of trained staff for this unique vocation. In 2011, Equinix identified that although there is a formal training programme leading to a recognised data centre technician qualification (Certified Data Centre Technician Professional – CDCTP), there is no equivalent in the education curriculum, so young students do not get an opportunity to study this at school or college. In order to attract more talent to the industry, we devised our own training programme