DCN May 2016 - Page 24

design & facilities management BUDGET MANAGEMENT Whatever a business size, the same data centre UPS design principles apply. But, how much should you invest? Martin Pearce of Critical Power discusses the true importance of what you are looking to support and protect. P lanning, designing and building a data centre can be a real headache. Where do you even start? While the kit may have come a long way, the approach and view on what should be spent on a data centre is often underestimated. It is therefore important to not undervalue what you are looking to 24 support and protect; with some of it, such as the worth of your data, being potentially near on impossible to put a price on.  With much to consider, a key focus should be on what supports the technology; the things that make the servers work and keep working. It is all very well and good to invest a massive budget on computers and equipment, but if you are not committed to creating the ideal environment and UPS to enable it all to function efficiently, there is little point in spending the money in the first place. However, in essence, regardless of the operation size, the same design principles apply. So, with servers holding all that important data and information, the cost of total life