DCN May 2016 - Page 16

meet me room you see. That said, there is only so much peaceful island life that I can handle before I feel the need to be plugged back into the grid. A week away from it all is long enough for me! Favourite: Book? Film? TV show? Singer/band? Veligandu-island resort in Maldives Where is your favourite holiday destination and why? After having visited the Maldives, this is definitely my single favourite destination. I have never experienced any other destination that comes close in terms of its natural beauty, quality of service and tranquility across multiple islands. The Maldives certainly live up to the glossy brochure advertisements I am reading a great book at the moment – Elon Musk’s biography, he was an incredible innovator and an inspiration who has completely challenged the car industry and now leads the way in electric cars. He is also buying up battery companies in the East in parallel to change the way we store and consume electricity for our domestic use. And if that isn’t enough, his end goal is set on colonising Mars or at least making our civilian space travel as a bi-product. It makes me wonder when does this guy ever sleep? I saw an interesting statistic in a newspaper recently that Telsa and SpaceX (Elon Musk’s inventions) are now recognised in the top three most meaningful hi-tech companies to work for (and I imagine one of the most stressful!) What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now? I really hope that I will be doing more of what I am doing right now but on a larger scale and making more impact. I thoroughly enjoy challenging the status quo in my work, causing a disruption within the industry, all the while having fun and actually being part of an organisation who are making a difference. If I am able to do this then it hardly feels like work when it meets some or hopefully all of the aforementioned traits.