DCN May 2016 - Page 12

centre of attention DEFENDING THE UNDEFENDABLE Rick Orloff of Code42 explains how to ensure your security strategy adds value. A n increase in the number of high profile data breaches over the last year would suggest heightened demand for mitigation strategies. And attacks are not limited to a single type of organisation. You only have to look at the media headlines around breaches in companies such as VTech, Ashley 12 Madison and Slack to realise that organisations of all shapes and sizes are still targets for top tier hackers. However, and perhaps surprisingly, a feeling that suffering a breach at some stage is simply inevitable could lead to a sense of apathy amongst decision makers. The C-Suite likes to make decisions based on mathematical probabilities, and so do I. If the analysis suggests that even the best security strategy cannot prevent data loss, making the business case to implement one in the fir