DCN June 2017 - Page 8

industry news Vertiv ranks most critical industries in the world Utilities, including electricity, gas, nuclear power and water treatment, are the most critical industries in the world according to a new ranking from Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power. Vertiv convened a panel of global critical infrastructure experts to systematically quantify and rank the criticality of multiple industries based on 15 criteria. Mass transit – specifically rail and air transportation – ranked second on the list, followed by telecommunications, upstream oil and gas activity and cloud and colocation. The full list is available in a new report, Ranking the World’s Most Critical Industries, available at www. VertivCo.com/MostCritical. The panel set criteria encompassing the range of potential impacts from the loss of availability of critical systems and weighted them based on the severity of the impact. These criteria then were used to create a criticality rubric that the panel used to score the industries, which then were ranked by their average scores. ‘If there is a common theme at the top of this list, it is the interconnectedness of these industries,’ said Jack Pouchet, vice president, market development, Vertiv. ‘These sectors are important to the foundation of today’s society, and downtime in any of these areas can reverberate across industries and around the globe. This will only continue as our world becomes more mobile and more connected and as the Internet of Things expands.’ Panellist Emiliano Cevenini, vice president of power sales and business development for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East and Africa, added, ‘Cloud and colocation are becoming more and more critical as an increasing number of devices and businesses rely on these platforms to perform. We’re expecting this trend to continue for the foreseeable future as the IoT networks that serve industries and smart cities are opting to use the cloud as the go-to platform to underlie their technology.’ Global study reveals cloud is gathering momentum, but tech pros struggle with optimal strategy Pure Storage has announced the results of Evolution, a ground breaking independent global research survey that explores the ways businesses are balancing infrastructure and applications today and beyond. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Q̀%P)ɹٔѡ݅䁉͕ͥ́ɅєݡЁЁх́Ѽ)ѡɥٔх丁Ёٕ䁽%Ṕɔѡ)͕ͥ́Ёչɥ́ɽ́ѡUL5ͥAչѡЁх)ͽѥ́ɥٔɽչɕٕՔ܁ȁЁٕɅȁɝͅѥ̰)ݡѡȁѡɽ՝ѽȁѥ́ȁɔչѥ丁%ӊe)ȁѡЁхɅ͙ɵѥ́ȁЁݽɐӊéՅ䁡) Ёєѡ́ɽѠѕ䁅Ʌѕչх䁙ɽ)ɅՍɔхЁٔɕٕѕ͕ͥ́ɽձ䁉)хAՉɥمєɥՐMLɅѥɕ͕́ٔ)մЁ͕ͥ́ѥݡɔѼݽɭ̸+aɝѕ́ٔхѕѼɥٔՔхɅ͙ɵѥ)͕ͥ́ɕ危ɔɕɕЁݡЁ́ѼՉՐdͅ)MЁ镸