DCN June 2017 - Page 45

Products & innovations Ocado Technology releases open source software to streamline data centres for smart warehouses Ocado Technology has announced the release of Kubermesh, a free and open source package designed to simplify data centre architectures for smart factories. The Kubermesh package uses container based technology and the Kubernetes system to implement an on-premise private cloud architecture where desktop computers can be easily configured to become nodes that support the compute or storage functionality typically delivered by a high performance server in a data centre. Kubermesh based nodes are fault tolerant, secure, flexible, and are designed to process the vast amounts of real-time data generated in smart factories such as automated warehouses. By distributing data centre functionality in a mesh network of nodes, Kubermesh removes the need for a dedicated data centre and complex networking infrastructure, thus achieving significant energy savings and reducing the capital and operational expenditures associated with maintaining on-premise high performance servers. For further information visit: www.github.com/ kubermesh Acronis Backup 12.5 Advances Data Protection Acronis has changed the future of data backup protection with the latest release of Acronis Backup 12.5, a back up solution offering protection for all sizes of infrastructure. The new Acronis Backup 12.5 comes in two editions: Standard and Advanced, with an easy in-place upgrade. Acronis Backup 12.5 allows businesses to start small with Acronis Backup 12.5 Standard edition and scale to Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced as required by their growing infrastructure, simply by changing license keys. This gives partners the flexibility to meet the needs of small and large businesses with the same product. Building upon the existing ease of use, reliability, and new hybrid cloud architecture of Acronis Backup 12, the new advanced functionality creates a powerful, feature-rich solution that supports more than 20 platforms. These include Windows, Office 365, Azure, Linux, Mac OS X, Oracle, VMWare, Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization, Linux KVM, Citrix XenServer, iOS, and Android. Acronis has added private and public cloud support for backing up and migrating workloads as well as reliable cloud storage. The release delivers data protection against ransomware with automated restoration of damaged data, as well as enabling users to verify the backup integrity before its restoration. For further information visit: www.acronis.com Veeam unveils new Availability integration for Cisco HyperFlex Veeam Software has expanded its work with Cisco by launching the direct snapshot integration with the Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. The integration of Veeam Availability Suite with the software defined networking and computing power of Cisco UCS, with the Cisco HyperFlex HX data platform, is designed to deliver simplicity and enhance efficiency in the modern hybrid cloud era, with Veeam enabling enterprises to reduce back up and recovery times and improve overall operational performance. Organisations are now reassessing their data centres and embracing a hybrid cloud strategy to meet the challenge of digital transformation. However, maintaining availability across a hybrid cloud environment is not easy. Which is why seeing Veeam operate deeper on the Cisco HyperFlex platform, means businesses can realise not only the increased efficiency and adaptability benefits of Cisco HyperFlex and the computing power of Cisco UCS, but with the integration of Veeam, ensure data remains available 24.7.365 across a multi-cloud environment. This builds on a successful collaboration between Veeam and Cisco, which began in 2013 with joint solutions based on Cisco UCS server technology and Veeam Availability Suite. For further information visit: www.veeam.com June 2017 | 45