DCN June 2017 - Page 44

Products & innovations New models extend versatility of Harting’s family of UHF RFID readers Harting has expanded its Ha-VIS family of UHF RFID readers with the addition of two new devices that offer higher levels of versatility, enabling individual project requirements to be met even more efficiently and flexibly. The two additional RFID readers combine the performance and versatility of Harting’s existing Ha-VIS RF-R300 family with the processing power and standards compatibility of the company’s MICA open computing platform. The Ha-VIS RF-R310 is the first reader available on the market which meets the functionality of the Companion Specification for AutoID devices. This specification forms the basis for the simple and efficient integration of AutoID devices based on OPC UA – the communication layer for Integrated Industry projects. This know-how has also been incorporated into Harting’s other new UHF RFID reader, the Ha-VIS RF-R350. The Ha-VIS RF-R350 features ALE1.1- based middleware which is optimised for the MICA platform. Here, the complete data pre-processing of raw RFID data takes place in a standards based manner. Communication with the reader simply takes place via web services, http, TCP or, if desired, via UDP telegrams. For further information visit: www.harting.co.uk 3W Infra Launches Modular Full Rack Colocation Solution with High- Availability and Scalability Features 3W Infra has announced the launch of its new full rack colocation plan – a highly modular thus scalable colocation offering, supporting dynamic hybrid cloud and fast paced growth strategies. Since moving its complete IaaS hosting infrastructure to a new, Open Compute Project (OCP) ready data centre hall in Amsterdam (Switch AMS1), 3W Infra is now able to launch its full rack colocation plan with high availability and scalability features aimed at organisations with hybrid cloud strategies and other dynamic and demanding use cases such as cloud storage and Big Data. By default, the new 3W Infra full rack colocation plans include the following enterprise-grade features: High availability power infrastructure, 2N instead of N+1; modular/scalable power usage, 5A/1,15kVA with incremental upgrades to 25A; redundant and upgradable 10Gbps full-duplex fibre uplink; 46U data centre racks; Amsterdam data centre (Switch AMS1) with Tier 4 specifications, and a sustainable, energy efficient colocation solution with calculated pPUE of 1.04. For further information visit: www.3winfra.com SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser with Support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database Now Available SolarWinds has announced the availability of SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser with support for Microsoft Azure SQL Database in the Azure Marketplace. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser delivers deep visibility into the performance of top database platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server 2016, and provides advice for optimisation and tuning to accelerate database performance. Using agentless architecture and unique multi-dimensional performance analysis, it quickly finds the root cause of complex problems and improves the performance of on-premises, virtualised, cloud, or hybrid IT application environments. With its availability in the Azure Marketplace, the thousands of organisations running millions of Azure SQL Database instances can now benefit from these capabilities, with simplified deployment in minutes. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser is part of the SolarWinds end-to- end hybrid IT performance management portfolio of products. The SolarWinds portfolio also includes SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), which provides deep visibility into the performance of business critical applications and the infrastructure that supports them on-premises and in the cloud, as well as SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), which provides comprehensive network performance monitoring with the NetPath feature for critical path visualisation on-premises and in the cloud. For further information visit: www.solarwinds.com 44 | June 2017