DCN June 2017 - Page 42

Products & innovations Quantum’s new StorNext 6 delivers combination of high performance and advanced data management Quantum has announced StorNext 6, a major new release of its StorNext file system. StorNext 6 adds new advanced data management features to the streaming performance of the company’s scale-out tiered storage solutions portfolio, which includes flash, disk, tape and public and private cloud storage offerings. With this combination of performance and management, Quantum continues to extend the power of StorNext in not only media and entertainment but also other data intensive environments such as genomics, academic research, video surveillance, oil and gas, and government security. StorNext 6 addresses the needs of enterprises grappling with using their existing NAS solutions to store large, rapidly growing data sets and drive business value from that data. These enterprises are quickly realising that traditional NAS is too difficult to upgrade, cannot deliver sufficient performance and is unable to handle parallel workloads. StorNext 6 not only overcomes these limitations but also provides more efficient and cost effective ways to share and access files across geographically distributed teams, to manage and protect archived data, and to audit changes to data throughout its lifecycle. Quantum delivers all these benefits in an integrated, multi-tier storage solution that maintains optimised performance levels, visibility and access at every tier. For further information visit: www.quantum.com 42 | June 2017 CommScope’s New High Speed Migration Platform Prepares for Decades of Increased Bandwidth The next few years are expected to see an unprecedented growth in bandwidth and networks need to be prepared to meet this demand. In anticipation, CommScope is introducing its high speed migration platform that assists data centre managers with building faster, more agile, high density migration plans. The high speed migration portfolio works for duplex and parallel applications and allows customers to decide on the best approach to architecture. It also supports higher speeds and emerging applications without having to rip and replace. The following innovative solutions are part of the first phase of CommScope’s platform and support current and future high speed applications: MPO connectivity options; fibre optic panels and Ultra-Low Loss (ULL) performance. Additionally, LazrSpeed WideBand OM5, which enhances the ability of short- wavelength division multiplexing to provide a four-fold increases in usable bandwidth, while maintaining backward compatibility with legacy multimode fibre. Finally, imVision, an automated infrastructure management system (AIM) that gives oversight and control to Systimax physical network connectivity solutions. The platform also allows CommScope to act as a trusted partner with its highly trained team of network architects who understand a customer’s business needs and provides insight to future data centre ecosystems and technology trends. For further information visit: www.commscope.com Rittal’s DX Enclosure Based Cooling Solutions Support Growing IT Needs The Rittal LCU DX and LCP DX solutions deliver enclosure based cooling via direct expansion units. The units are easy to install simply by mounting them on the side panels inside IT racks. Direct expansion (DX) solutions for cooling IT equipment are the quickest and easiest solutions to implement and require less capital expenditure than water based ones. DX solutions employ conventional refrigerant based cooling with a split system and a compressor. Cooling is via a closed-loop refrigeration cycle, featuring an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and an expansion valve. Rittal’s LCU DX (Liquid Cooling Unit) offers enclosure based cooling with DX units mounted inside 800 wide IT racks. They are available with up to 6.5kW output in both single and dual redundancy variants. The LCU system features horizontal air circulation, supporting the conventional method of front-to-back air flow to the 19-inch racks. Cold air is blown directly in front of the components. The Rittal LCP DX (Liquid Cooling Package) is suitable for 12kW power dissipation and can be mounted on the side of an IT enclosure, enabling a single device to cool two enclosures. One version of LCP DX blows cool air out to the front and can be employed to create solutions with a cold aisle that cools multiple IT racks. For further information visit: www.rittal.co.uk