DCN June 2017 - Page 38

Projects & Agreements Amido Proves Containerisation is not OverHyped with Successful Roll out of Coats Web Application Amido has been selected by Coats to help build a scalable platform that will help its customer base to manage its corporate responsibility during the supply chain process, furthering the company’s commitment to digitally transform its services. The application went live in December 2016 and is one of the first enterprises to use Azure Container Services in a customer facing environment. Working with Amido, Coats successfully launched a web portal on a container based platform, marking this as the challenger to industry sceptics who define container solutions as simply ‘hype.’ Amido’s recommendation to use containers came from Coats’ requirements for an adaptable, scalable and easily manageable platform that would adhere to the strict regulations of international trading. With large investments from Amazon, Google and Microsoft, the option of containers is becoming a viable solution even at this stage of its infancy; and over the next three years, Amido predicts that there will be a large rise in its implementation. During the development stage of the container based platform, Coats and Amido highlighted that the skills required in maintaining this platform extended beyond the traditional enterprise skills. The market is seeing how enterprises of all sizes are harnessing powerful technology tools that require software engineers who are not only software coding savvy, but platform agnostic in terms of infrastructure development. For further information visit: www.amido.com 38 | June 2017 Telia Carrier launches new Internet backbone POP in Berlin Telia Carrier has added a new point-of-presence (PoP) to its network, providing agile connectivity services for a booming economic sector in Berlin, Germany. The new data centre, Carrier-Colo, owned by IPB, is one of the most connected facilities in the region providing connectivity and other IP services to international, national and regional start-ups, carriers, cloud and content providers. Located between Frankfurt, Germany and Warsaw, Poland, the new PoP builds upon Telia Carrier’s recently added, low latency, DWDM route, the Frankfurt – Warsaw Express, to meet increased demand in the German capital. The welcoming culture in Berlin, along with heavy investment in technology, has resulted in an increase in start-ups and large companies moving to the area. As a result, the demand for connectivity services will continue to grow in order to support continued economic growth. Working with IPB, a local Inter ]\XHݚY\ T K[XH\Y\[\XHH\Y]Hو\ ]\\[\\X\Y[[\][ۘ[\[\\›YY[H[\[HTX[]HX]\\HY\\ق]ܚ[XHۛX]]H[HY[ۋHؘ[\[H\Y\\˜[XYHY]\[\Y\ۛ[K[\[Z\X][Y[ܙHB]\Y[][][ۜ\]T܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˝[XX\Y\BؙX[HX[\]Y[H”ݚYHZ\[ۈܚ]X[\X\™܈YYXH[۝[ݚY\‘ؙX[H\\YYY[x&\۝\YX]X[[X]]ܚ[œ][ۜYY]ܛ[۝[\X][ۈ\]Z\[Y[܈H\Y]Hوܚ]X[\X][ۜ[Y[Y[܈XZ[]ܚY\\\\Xݙ\H܈\YYܘ\[\[X[ۛX]]HX\][YH\ˈ]\]ܚؙX[B[YX][H[ܙX\HH\X]K[XX[]H[]Z[X[]HوY[Y\X\[ܙH[ L\Y\Y]]ؘ[[ [ؙX[H\[]\[Z\[ۈܚ]X[[[YH[]]H\X][ۜš]\Y\H]ܚ]\HYH\ۜ]H[H\\H^H[\ Y[x&\]\]][X[[ܝ[]ܚX[Y[Y[][ۜ™[XHH\ [XXH[Y\ܛX[HۛX]]HYYYYY]B[X[وH\[[\]YHۙ][ۜ]ؙX[x&\\Y\ٝ[\]H[Y[x&\ LH LM \XHYܙY][ۈ][X\ؙX[H[Z]Y]X[]K[YX]H۝[ X\Y[ۙ\[[\Z[[H[Y[X[Z[YHYX]H\][ۈو^Y\ [^Y\ ]ܚ˂Y[x&\ L X]X[]ܛH[ؙX[H\Z\H\XH[]\B[\ܝ\X][ۜH Q [^[ۙ Y][ۘ[K]Y[x&\]ܚX[Y[Y[\X[]Y\ؙX[H[œX[[\H\YۋY[H[[Z\[ۈ\X\Xܛ]]ܚ[HX]\قZ[]\\\^\YX[[[ܙX\[\Y\]\٘X[ۋ܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙ؙX[K