DCN June 2017 - Page 34

case study ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: REVOLUTIONISING HEALTHCARE IN SPAIN The cocreation of a new healthcare API called Hikari, to improve clinical decision making and the accurate assessment of risks for individual patients, has been developed by Fujitsu in conjunction with The San Carlos Clinical Hospital (HCSC) in Madrid. T he San Carlos Clinical Hospital (HCSC) has sought to improve care, teaching and research since it was founded in 1787. During over two centuries of history, the hospital has changed and adapted to meet the demands of the residents of 34 | June 2017 Madrid and the high standard of its facilities and staff has made it a national and international leader. The HCSC Innovation Unit of The Institute of Sanitary Research of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital (IdISSC) is responsible for promoting, supporting and disseminating healthcare innovation and supporting the process of transforming ideas into products and services that represent value for patients, staff and the system as a whole. In late 2014, IdISSC started discussion with Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe that led to the development and field testing