DCN June 2017 - Page 17

big data & IoT Just like the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) ultimately require physical elements to sustain them. scalable, powerful processing and storage, high speed low latency connectivity, security, and abundant power. Putting this into focus, just imagine the consequences of driverless cars hurtling along the M4 motorway and the data centre housing the control equipment going offline. For some time data volumes have been doubling every 18 months but modern data centres with sufficient power on tap for running high density servers that can support highly virtualised environments have been coping. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the mobile industry group, GSMA, by 2020 there will be 24 billion ‘things’ ‘The main areas for concern when choosing a data centre provider are around power and cooling.’ connected to the Internet of which half will be mobile devices. A different study by Cisco puts the number of devices connected to the Internet at 50 billion by 2020 or over six ‘connected devices’ per person on this planet. Clearly, the IoT is no longer just talk about some fanciful glimpse of how things will be in the future. It’s already here and a booming business. Gartner’s latest IoT Global Forecast predicts total IoT services spending this year will be $273bn on professional, consumer and connectivity services. The Big Data landscape is dominated by operational and analytical systems, the former being real time interactive systems where data is primarily captured and stored. Latency for these applications must be very low and availability must be high in order to meet SLAs and user expectations for modern application performance. Analytical systems, on the other hand, [X[YY]ݚYB\X[]Y\܈\^[[\\›و\H]\و]X]B]K]Z]Hٝ[Y]B\X\\H\YY]\[[[H][ [X[\\[و][\H\\˜\\[\[و\X]\™܈Hܚ[[\[ق[[ۜو[\˂[B^XY]H[H[[\XۈH]H[O“\]H[\\[U\[\\X[HX[[\ܛX[H]\HYX\[Xܙ[H][ܙx&\][Z[HYH\ܝH][XY[Y\]H[X[›وH[YKHۛH^Bܝ\\]HHYH^XB[\X\H][Y\[ܛ[]\H[ܙX\[œ\[[ۛX]]BX\\KH\X[X[H]B[H\Yۜ[YH[\ ›و\[\]H[\\HZ[\ܝ\][ ]\^X[\Y\\HYK\܂[ܙH[Y\HXH\ܝ[ܙX\Y[\\]Z\[Y[[HX\XHXXK[[X][K[Y[YY]B\X[\][H[X[܈Y\ܛX[H\][ K^H\H[^XXH[Y ]H[\\]HYX[H]\Z[[^[]H[B\H]H[\][\YBYH[Z[Y\XH]B\[[[X[قXY[]H[\ۛY[˂XYB[\HXYH][ۂ]H[H]HXK\[[ۛX]]HX\\B\ܝ\\و\HY[]H\\XYH[[˜\]X ˈH[HY][ۈݚY\[ܙ[\][ۈ[ܛ܈[]’]ܛH\\]Z\Y]BۛYH]HX[]HݚY\[HHۜZ[ۈZ\YYˈ\][ۈ]\ۛBٙ\H]\HٙY]H[B[\X\HX[[]B\Y^[[ۋ][ݚYBH\[X[[[Y\[[›X\\H܈H\Yۈ[Z[وYH\H[\ۛY[˂\[[•HXZ[\X\܈ۘ\[[H]H[HݚY\\B\[\[[8$H]\H]\K\]Z\\\B[[[و\[HZ]XBX[]HݚY\[HXH\[HܚY܈ۛH]]YY][܈]]YX[H\]Z\Y܈Bܙ\YXXH]\K]\ܚY\\HX\[YY\XB$]Y\[\\YܙK[H M M