DCN June 2017 - Page 13

centre of attention our clients hosting their servers with us. We have a concentric approach to security, which means that there are many layers of checks to pass through at any given point. This is supported by our many CCTV cameras, which are closely monitored by our 24/7 on site security team. For the more sensitive areas there are additional security requirements. Take a walk After a cup of tea, I will review emails or actions that are outstanding before a walk around the site. Once things start to become busy, then I generally try to keep abreast of everything that is going on, particularly when clients require assistance with their audits or own third parties such as carrier provision or cable management. Managing and exceeding customer expectations is probably the most important part of my job, and despite a wall full of industry awards I am always striving to ensure that customer relations are strong through my efforts on and off site. Working closely with my technical operations manager, and the rest of the team, I provide support and assistance for all customer requirements. I ensure the coordination of any planned preventative management (PPM) guidelines as set out by the vendors to ensure that equipment is always in top quality. We need to keep those websites up and running at all times. Every day is busy. Not only is time management key, but it is important that we as a team work hard to ensure we meet all client expectations. I believe that the team is well respected within the industry, not only by its peers and management, but also our client base. There is always an element of something new to action or an issue to deal with and the role is an exciting one. No two days are ever the same. Knowing that we are providing a vital service to our clients and the public gives us all a sense of satisfaction. I don’t leave the site until I am satisfied that we have delivered a good service for the day and are prepared to do so again tomorrow. Before I turn in for the night I’ll have a quick check of the projected email traffic, ensuring there is nothing developing which requires my immediate attention, before setting the alarm for the next day. June 2017 | 13