DCN June 2017 - Page 12

centre of attention A day in the life Mike Tamblingson of Digital Realty discusses the paramount concerns of his duties as a data centre manager, what the daily role involves and how to deliver excellent service to customers. I magine: You need to make an important payment to secure a deal you have been working on for months, but the bank’s website has gone down. Or perhaps you’re on the way to the airport and find that you cannot access your flight information or electronic boarding pass because you can’t connect to the Internet. Or you find that you are unable to sign into your account just when you need to find that email from your wife about your daughter’s birthday party. Or maybe, like Olympic hero Mo Farah, you just want to check your fantasy football team. The world we live in today is one that is defined by electronic services and communications, from the way we do business to the way we talk to our loved ones, and we expect access to these things all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But this would be impossible if the companies that provide them do not have the foundations in place that allow them to perform the modern miracles that they do. That’s where I come in. I run the place that has become as important as the power station that keeps the lights on in your living room, or the gas works that keeps your radiator warm in winter: My name is Mike and I’m a data centre manager! The data centre may not sound so important, but all those vital banks of servers that are used by companies all across the world need to be housed somewhere. 12 | June 2017 And that somewhere needs to be secure and provide a reliable and specialist service. The first part of my job began years ago, when I transitioned to the operational phase of the site I now manage, a state-of-the-art data centre in Chessington. The building was built along specific requirements and fitted with the latest specialist infrastructure along with the consultation of our key stakeholders, and now covers an impressive 131,000ft 2 with 50,000ft 2 of white space covering five 10,000ft 2 data halls. Hands and eyes ‘The world we live in today is one that is defined by electronic services.’ Typi 6ǒגF&Vv2V&ǒ@&Vf&RVfRFRW6Rv6V6FRfW&vBVG&ff2BFP&w&W76b&VFRG06W'f6W2F6WG2F2( G2@WW>( 6W'f6R2RFBvR&fFP&VBFR66BV2F@W"6ƖVG266W2F66ǐ6V677VW2FBFWfRvFFV"6W'fW'2&VƖ&ƗGB6V7W&G&RW &VB66W&2BgFW '&fr6FRvvVW&ǐ&WfWrfW&vB77VW2@6F6WvFFR6V7W&G7Ffb@FV6RFVW"6W'fW"7VFW2"FF0&R7WƖVBvFVFW''WFV@vW"7WǒU2BvVW&F &6Wv6v&fFP6FVW2vW"bFW&R&P77VW2vFFRVV7G&6G7WǒFRVV7G&6G7WǐF&VvFRFw&B6W7Vǒ&R&VƖVBW'WBFR&&R666FW&R2077VR7V62vW"&ƗW 7VFW2&R7W'FVBFǒ'&b&GFW&W2VvRFPvVW&F'2v7F'B'VWF7VVBBFRFR'VFrBW"FW6vFVV2FW&R&PF&VRvVW&F'2W"7VFRv6W&FRvBvR66fwW&FVrvRǐVVBGvvVW&F'2F7W'@FR7VFRFRFFVBGfFvPbW"FW6vV7W&W2FBvP66f'F&ǒ6''WB琦FV6R'BbFP77FVBFRv7BV7W&pFBFW&R2'6WFVǒFvFRf"W"6ƖVG2खFFFFFR&W6ƖV6PBbW"6FW2W"6V7W&G&F62&R6Wf"