DCN June 2017 - Page 11

on the cover Ease of Fibre Distribution and Cable Management Inter Connectivity – Space Saving options are available Panduit 28 AWG Category 6 and Category 5e patch cords offer a significant space saving benefit over traditional 24 AWG patch cords. Figure 1 illustrates the space savings realised when Panduit 28 AWG patch cords are routed to 48- port switch line cards. Figure 1: 24 AWG patch cords (white) vs. 28 AWG patch chords (blue) Containment & Pathways Panduit provides the best methods to route and manage the growing amount of data and power cabling while ensuring high levels of network performance through an adaptable and simplified design that offers: •  50 per cent faster installations •  Elimination of the need to cut pathway sidewalls, such that you can install or reposition intersections and snap-on waterfalls anywhere along the length of the pathway – where you need them, when you need them. Pre-Terminated Copper and Fibre Cabling Systems An integrated approach to deploying and managing the network infrastructure is critical. Panduit pre-terminated copper and fibre capabilities connect server, storage, and network devices with superior performance and scalability while eliminating the need for on-site bundling, terminating, and testing, resulting in up to 75 per cent faster installation than field-termination methods. The Panduit HD Flex fibre cabling system is purpose-built to provide serviceability and manageability in next-generation data centres, helping to reduce latency and minimise risk during moves, adds and changes, enabling DC staff to ease and speed deployments and promote compatibility across the connected infrastructure. QuickNet™ fibre cable assembly options Energy Efficient Cabinets Panduit Net-Access cabinets provide a cost effective cabinet platform for server, network, and pre-configured applications with an innovative design that offers: •  Up to 5 per cent improvement in RU utilisation through improved out-set cable entry. •  Up to 10 per cent improvement in RU through zero-RU vertical patching. •  Up to 15 per cent increased server capacity through maximised RU utilisation. With improved cabinet sealing, in-cabinet ducting, containment and monitoring, the results reveal improved energy efficiency by up to 40 per cent when the set point temperature is raised in the entire data centre. Offered in a variety of widths, heights, and depths, Net-Access cabinets can be specified for a variety of applications in any facility to meet the diverse application needs of today’s colocation and cloud hosting provide data centres. Summary Whether you need to build a new infrastructure or strengthen your existing environment, Panduit and RWL’s product and service offerings can help you to protect your investment and those of your customers. RWL’s team of CDCDP and Panduit university qualified staff are on hand to offer specification and design assistance, find out more by contacting the team via salesuk@rwlas.com and register your interest. June 2017 | 11