DCN June 2016 - Page 7

industry news DATA LOSS FROM SOLID STATE DISK (SSD) TECHNOLOGY INCREASES WITH WIDER ADOPTION According to a recent solid state disk (SSD) technology use survey by Kroll Ontrack, 92 per cent of nearly 2,000 global respondents are using SSD technology, but a growing number reported experiencing a failure. Of those who experienced failure, nearly two thirds lost data. Robin England, senior research and development engineer at Kroll Ontrack, said, ‘Businesses and consumers continue to move toward SSD technology. Aside from the sheer speed and reliability of solid state drives, prices have decreased to become more competitive with traditional storage. Nevertheless, as our research shows, failures do occur.’ Over one third of survey respondents (38 per cent) indicated they experienced a failure with SSD, and of those, 23 per cent lost data. SSD recoveries at Kroll Ontrack have also become a larger percentage of the full mix of media types on which data recovery is performed. Seventy per cent of UK employees use unauthorised cloud services at work A study of over 350 IT professionals reveals that 70 per cent of employees are using cloud technologies that are not managed or supervised by their company. The media industry, with 83 per cent of employees using unauthorised services, is leading the ranking, compared with manufacturing at the bottom of the list, still with 49 per cent of their workforce using uncontrolled cloud tech. Commissioned by Cloudstanding.co.uk, a platform which educates and helps businesses adopt cloud technologies, the research was conducted with IT professionals, managers and C-suite executives in the UK, across a variety of sectors, ranging from SMEs to enterprises with 5,000+ employees. Maarten ten Broeke, Cloudstanding co-founder, said, ‘Companies are in the dark when it comes to which cloud services are being used by their employees, how much sensitive corporate data is being uploaded and shared, and whom it is being shared with. ‘Cloud services enable productivity and efficiency for employees, but unless it is properly managed and secured by companies, there will always be the risk of data leaks and security threats entering the company from external sources.’ The survey was conducted online from a field of 355 IT professionals and decision makers, between 18th April to 1st May. Performance data being left unused, suggests research conducted on behalf of The Green Grid New research from The Green Grid has uncovered that nearly one in four IT leaders want more time to better understand their resource performance data. So while many organisations have some form of monitoring in place, opportunities to make system improvements are being missed. Roel Castelein, EMEA marketing chair for The Green Grid, said, ‘With so many people saying that they would like more time to look at their data, we are concerned that data is being left unused – which is the same as not collecting the data in the first place. For organisations adopting strategies to increase resource efficiency, data holds the answers to many questions. Use of data to evidence base IT decisions sho VBfrF&Vv&v6F26VFpFR&&BWfV( FRw&VVw&Bv&66'FVFVF6FVBFGf6r&W6W&6RVff6V7BBFF6VG&W26GV7FVBFR&W6V&67F&W"#RFR7W'fW7GVFVB&W76W2g&SBFV66W'2@VBW6W"&v6F26VFr6W2v'VFV"vFF6VG&W22vV266FVBFF6VG&P&fFW'2g&7&72FRTg&6RBvW&FF6VG&R&W6W&6RVff6V7शWfFw26VFSrW"6VBb&W7FVG2vVBƖR&RFP0FF"FV"FFtǒ#W"6VBb&W7FVG26FBFV &v6F6VF&VǒVFgVf&VFfG&BbFF6VG&RW&F2uFR&Gb&W7FVG2rW"6VB6ЧFBF&rvFFF6VG&W26VB&P&fVBf"7&V6VBVW&wVff6V7pt&VBGvF&G2crW"6VBb&W7FVG06FB7&V6rfW7FVBF&pV7W&W2vVB&Rvb&frFV &v6F( 2FF6VG&RBfW"V'FW #W"6VBFFBW6r&RF&pV7W&W2vVB&fRBࠣp