DCN June 2016 - Page 32

edge computing EDGE YOUR BETS Dr Peter Koch of Emerson Network Power discusses the trend of edge computing. O ur lives are increasingly spent online, both personally and professionally. This puts a strain on the data centre load, particularly as many of the services we use most often, such as collaborating online, streaming TV series or checking social media, are cloud based. Cloud storage centres are becoming laden down with 32 complex data processing requests, slowing them down and putting unwanted pressure on their systems. This emphasis on cloud services has caused much of a data centre’s workload to be shifted from local data centres to a distributed data centre infrastructure. We are seeing a trend towards ‘edge computing’, which moves key data processing and network services away from the central data centres and out to the ‘edge’ of the network – nearer to the transmitters and the devices that the consumers themselves interact with. The aim is to deliver an enhanced cloud computing experience for the mobile user, building better operational connectivity between the server and the devices at the edge of the network. In practice this often consists of multiple small networks which link to a large network, with application services