DCN June 2016 - Page 18

Big Data & IoT TECH REVOLUTION Nigel Stevens of IO examines how the IoT is transforming the technology landscape and the impact this will have on the role and function of data centres and the cloud. T he Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the technology landscape. Embedded electronics and network connectivity promises to revolutionise the way in which countless industries operate, allowing for data driven decision 18 making, immediate feedback and granular analysis. The current way in which data is handled and managed must change accordingly. The processing power required to make sense of the volume of IoT data is huge. However, just expanding horizontally, throwing more racks and processing power at the task is not the right answer. Most tellingly, the world’s largest processor chip maker Intel recently decided to cut 12,000 jobs in order to increase investment in its data centre and IoT connectivity business. The technology world is shifting.