DCN July 2017 - Page 8

industry news Equinix & Digital Realty Extend Colocation Leadership via Major M&A Deal Equinix has now completed the acquisition of 29 major data centres from Verizon, while Digital Realty and DuPont Fabros have announced their intention to merge – a deal which should complete later this year. New Q1 data from Synergy Research Group shows that Equinix and Digital Realty were already the clear leaders in the colocation market, accounting for 11 per cent and seven per cent of worldwide revenues respectively. Had those major M&A deals been effective from the beginning of the year, Equinix worldwide market share in Q1 would have been 13 per cent and Digital Realty nine per cent. Their closest competitors are NTT with a six per cent market share, KDDI/Telehouse with three per cent and a group of operators that each has a two per cent share – including China Telecom, CenturyLink (now Cyxtera), CyrusOne, Global Switch and Interxion. Across the two major market segments, Equinix/Verizon would have had a 17 per cent share of retail colocation, while Digital Realty/DuPont Fabros would have had a 31 per cent share of the smaller wholesale segment. The Q1 data, covering both wholesale and retail colocation, shows that the market continues to expand steadily across all regions, with APAC having the highest growth rate. For further information visit: www.srgresearch.com 451 Research: Cloud Price Index finds serverless offerings cheaper than virtual machines and containers 451 Research has found that, for the majority of new applications, serverless offers a lower cost of ownership (TCO) than virtual machines (VMs) and containers. When analysing serverless offerings from the big four cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft and IBM – 451 Research’s Cloud Price Index shows that IBM generally offers the least expensive service, with Microsoft leading for certain configurations. The TCO of serverless tends to be lower than VMs, even when the VM is hosting containers, because there is no need for developers to provision, configure and manage the infrastructure. 451 Research’s Cloud Price Index finds that IBM is cheapest for 0.1 second duration scripts, and Azure is cheapest for 10-second scripts, assuming memory requirements match predetermined size allocations. Plus, IBM offers a distinct cost advantage by allowing users t 66RW7BV'&WV&VVG2vW&V2FW &fFW'2&VBWFRfwW&W2&W7VFrW6W'2rf"VW6VB66G66FW&rFR6֖&FW2&6rWFG2BffW&w2&WGvVV&fFW'2CS&W6V&6&VƖWfW26W'fW&W7226VBFVFW&v&VBb&6R7WGFrF2V"f"gW'FW"f&Ff6CwwrCS&W6V&66УVǒ#p%$T`WrGWF6FF6VG&R&fFW D5fW2V6VBF@FV既'6Bf6V@vW2fRVBFP&v6F26W&6vW"BvrF&V7F &W7V7FfVǒ&FfR琧V'2bWW&V6RFRFF6VG&RGW7G'&r7vF6WGv&22FV@6VFW'Vv2f6R&W6FVBv&GvFR6V26VF2WFV6fR6VB6W0WW&V6RFRWGv&pGW7G'v672&RF3V'27B&V6VFǒ6VFv0Uev&GvFR6W2BƖvD7&W B&Vv26&VW"2fVFpV&W"BfVRWGv&2vW&PR7VB&RF#RV'2FR6VBGW7G'f'V4b0V6VBFB%B2&V6RFPFW7B6FG2w&vpV&W'6&7FW"%N( 2'FfƖ7G&FVwFR6VBb6VG20vW&gV6&Fb6V@6W'f6W2BFVw&F62v&WGv&B&fW766V7W&GWW'F6RVr&v6F0G&6f&FFvF'W6W76W2F&6VB&fFW FF&'&622&VV&V6v6V@v'FW.( 2v2VG&Bf F67FW"&V6fW'26W'f6P#rF22FRF&B66V7WFfPV"FF&'&622&VVখ6VFVBFRv2VG&@f"E&26V7W&RBVf&VG20V6VBFBB26WfV@FR&WV&VVG2bFRTvfW&VN( 27&W"W76VF066VRFR7&W"W76VF066VR2&VVFWfVVB'vfW&VBBGW7G'F&fFP6V"7FFVVBbFR&606G&2&v6F26V@VVBF֗FvFRFR&6g&Ц6FW&WB&6VBF&VG2