DCN July 2017 - Page 45

Products & innovations Anritsu Introduces High Performance BERT to Verify Next-Generation High Speed Interface Designs Anritsu Corporation has introduced the Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A BERT, a versatile solution that can measure next generation PCI Express Gen 4 and Gen 5 buses, as well as the latest 400GbE/200GbE Ethernet networks. With comprehensive interface support, the MP1900A is an all-in-one solution that accurately measures next generation high speed electronic and optical devices, and optical transceivers used in high end servers, communications equipment and optical transceivers/ modules, including those for M2M and IoT applications. The SQA MP1900A high performance Bit Error Rate Testers (BERTs) can accurately evaluate high speed interface designs during the early development stage. Its all-in-one, highly extendible platform can measure performance of network side interfaces, such as 400GbE, 200GbE, and 100GbE, as well as internal PCI Express bus interfaces, to help speed design evaluation times and lower cost-of-test. For further information visit: www.anritsu.com StorageOS Releases Public Beta of its Persistent Storage Solution for Docker Users StorageOS has announced the availability of the public beta release of its software storage solution. StorageOS is a software based, policy driven, distributed storage platform designed and built by a team of architects, engineers and developers from major financial services organisations to solve the real world problems they faced in their former jobs. Following private beta testing with trial users in media and financial services industries, StorageOS is publishing its public beta release of the software free to developers on the Docker Store. StorageOS has recently achieved Docker Certified status for its managed volume plugin and is available on the Docker Store at https:// store.docker.com/plugins/storageos. The software enables users to benefit from high performance, highly available persistent storage. Users get started by simply deploying a 40MB container on 64-bit Linux. The StorageOS beta software has no hardware or kernel dependencies and can be installed in the cloud, in VMs, or bare metal with a single command. StorageOS is ideal for developers wanting to deploy highly available databases in containerised apps within seconds; delivering a simple to use interface that is tightly integrated with Docker, making it easy for developers to deploy enterprise storage for their applications wherever it is needed. For further information visit: www.storageos.com Asperitas launches first Immersed Computing solution for cloud datacentres Asperitas has launched its first market ready solution, the AIC24, at Data Centre World & Cloud Expo Europe. The Asperitas AIC24 is at the centre of immersed computing. It is a closed system and the first water cooled oil immersion system which relies on natural convection for circulation of the dielectric liquid. This results in a fully self-contained and Plug and Play modular system. The AIC24 needs far less infrastructure than other liquid installations, saving energy and costs on all levels of datacentre operations. The AIC24 is a sustainable solution, ensuring efficiency in availability, energy reduction and reuse, while increasing capacity. It greatly improves density, while saving energy at the same time. The AIC24 is designed to ensure continuity for cloud providers. Total immersion ensures no oxygen gets in touch with the IT components, preventing oxidation. Thermal shock is greatly reduced due to the high heat capacity of liquid. The immersed environment only has minor temperature fluctuations, greatly reducing stress by thermal expansion on micro-electronics. These factors eliminate the root cause for most of the physical degradation of micro-electronics over time. For further information visit: www.asperitas.com July 2017 | 45