DCN July 2017 - Page 40

Projects & Agreements Exasol proves to be a match made in heaven for crunching data lists in Match2List’s innovative SaaS solution Match2Lists has chosen Exasol as the in-memory analytic database engine to run its innovative data matching and cleansing cloud. Match2Lists allows customers to rapidly and accurately clean and unify data from disparate systems and sources, and is used in multiple sectors including travel, pharmaceutical, FMCG and financial services. Creating a single unified view of customers and prospects, from all the data available is key to turning it into actionable information. Matching numerous internal data (sales, marketing and account management) with external sources (third party and partner data) is complex and time consuming given the endless variations of spellings of company names, addresses as well as considering all the ways that a person’s name can be spelled or shortened. To be able to do this needs a matching algorithm with intelligence. The more data that is successfully matched and deduplicated, the more information you can piece together from the disparate sources. Match2Lists. com combines the most advanced data matching algorithms with a visual interface to allow companies to accurately match millions of records in minutes. For further information visit: www.exasol.com and www.match2lists.com 40 | July 2017 NOVOSCO WINS £10M CONTRACT WITH LONDON BASED HOUSING ASSOCIATION Novosco has secured a deal worth over £10million with a major UK housing association. The Belfast headquartered company, which also has offices in Dublin, Cork and Manchester, has won the business with Notting Hill Housing, which manages nearly 32,000 properties across London, and is building thousands more. As part of the five-year deal, Novosco will provide a range of IT services, including service support and delivery, application management, ICT commodity services, and strategic planning. Novosco has built considerable expertise in the housing association sector, working for organisations including Swan Housing in the south of England, Northwards Housing based in Manchester, and Radius, which has some 33,000 homes in Northern Ireland. Notting Hill is the third of London’s so-called G15 large housing associations that Novosco has secured as a client. The five-year deal, which has the potential to be extended for a further two years, will commence after this summer. For further information visit: www.novosco.com London Gaming Startup Drives Growth with Managed Cloud from Rackspace Rackspace has announced that London gaming startup Construct’s new browser based games development software will use Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure. Through Construct’s website visitors can run Construct 3 in the browser. Construct 3 allows anybody at any level, from 12-year olds to fully fledged designers, to make their own computer games on Windows, Linux and Android. To build Construct 3, Construct needed to invest significantly in its web infrastructure. To support, it chose Microsoft Azure, backed by Fanatical Support, from Rackspace to host the website, design and build the Azure infrastructure, and manage and maintain the cloud deployment. With the website now hosted in the cloud, Construct can now easily deal with infrastructure demand by deploying more resources. With nothing to install, all users need to do to use Construct 3 is visit the website. Easy to pick and play, Construct allows users to create a game in minutes, but offers the possibility for designers to build complex puzzles, platformers and action games – without the need for any programming knowledge. They can then publish the game on platforms like Steam, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Facebook and Xbox One. For further information visit: www.rackspace.co.uk