DCN July 2017 - Page 37

legacy technology Recipe for success: Have the right people with the right mindset Unfortunately, disparities do occur between the long term vision of the business and the reality of the ‘here and now’ for network managers. For example, 74 per cent believe their organisation has a well thought through digital strategy, and 89 per cent advise that having experienced staff to work on digital strategy implementation is important. Yet, 44 per cent say their company struggles to find the IT skills or talent in areas that can’t be automated, and 27 per cent aren’t sure their company has enough bandwidth to achieve its digital strategy. Businesses must focus on utilising people internally and externally to secure long term success. Company presidents and chief executives, as well as technology and information officers should repeat in internal communications the company mantra about digital strategy to change this mindset. But CIOs must also look beyond software and focus on utilising people internally and externally to truly address the digital strategy and secure long term success. How to tackle your digital transformation woes One of the ways that businesses can improve network control is through SD- WAN technology. 62 per cent of network managers say their company would be more profitable if it invested in new technology, and 67 per cent believe a digital strategy will reduce operational costs in the long term. This is critical, as 62 per cent feel increasingly pressured to reduce operational costs of the network. One of the ways that businesses can improve control of the network, replace legacy technology and cut budgets is through Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology, which connects critical networks over large geographic distances. Investing in these types of technology aren’t a simple purchase however. Businesses will need access to consultancy, services creation, and support, and seek knowledge where the expertise is lacking in house. By doing this, organisations can successfully integrate new systems with existing ones. Keeping your reputation intact for future success For long term success, businesses must protect reputation and sustain quality services while they are making these necessary, and often disruptive, changes. This is no easy task, and by calling on advisors and consultants to help implement the strategy and improve the network, remaining secure and keeping application performance at a good level, is more achievable. By investing in staff or consultants with specialist expertise in the network, and supporting the investment in next generation networking such as SD-WAN, organisations can build a solution designed to solve their own unique business challenges. The ultimate goal is of course a digital strategy built for scale, flexibility and agility, with staff brought into the vision and along for the ride. Digital transformation can be a tangled web – the trick is to take it one knot at a time, and this can be reached through new technologies, education and expertise. July 2017 | 37