DCN July 2017 - Page 30

virtualisation & cloud computing virtualisation & cloud computing Telecoms is making the biggest commitment to the cloud Now introducing Protect plus S500 the newest addition to our extensive portfolio. DECADES OF EXPERIENCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS A complete range of uninterruptible power supplies from 400 VA to 4 MVA. You can trust AEG Power Solutions to protect your mission critical business, IT and data center systems. Our uninterruptible power supplies are world-class and are backed by engineering experience developed over the last 100 years. Securing critical power has been our core expertise for decades and our UPS have proven track records in the most demanding applications or environments, from nuclear power plants to infrastructures or data center applications. Protect plus S500 is a transformer-less UPS, from 30 to 200 kVA, that combines high efficiency values with a compact footprint and flexible configurations. It protects critical loads for small and medium applications when low power consumption, ease of maintenance and space are crucial. www.aegps.com I +44 1992 719200 I uk.sales@aegps.com 30 | July 2017 Not surprisingly, telecoms proved to be one of the most committed industries when it comes to cloud adoption. Faced with cutting edge competition to deliver the best customer experience alongside new services that are available anywhere, anytime, telecom providers clearly see a real opportunity in the cloud delivery model. The cloud’s ability to deal with volumes of big data both economically and efficiently have also made it an attractive storage choice for network operators. Many providers are also using the cloud to supplement their data centres to exercise cost control. Finally, as some telecoms providers are struggling to deliver a true end-to-end experience over legacy infrastructures (which often present challenges to network optimisation), the cloud is helping to reduce operational costs by minimising software and hardware requirements. Healthcare will move its customer data to the cloud, whilst utilities will prioritise IT and R&D data 59 per cent of respondents highlighted that the healthcare industry will move customer data to the cloud in the next two years. With the overwhelming amount of big data now available to medical research, cloud storage is ‘Cloud is one of the most secure means of virtual storage available.’ a natural choice that will allow data to be stored inexpensively so that it can be easily retrieved for analysis, potentially driving new discoveries in medical science. On the utilities front, companies globally will prioritise moving IT infrastructure (64 per cent) and R&D/Engineering data (52 per cent). The simple truth is that cloud is actually one of the most secure means of virtual storage available. While research does point to widespread concerns, the fact is that cloud storage is growing rapidly, remains hugely cost effective, and that there are ways to manage it securely. Cloud computing security processes should be designed to address the security controls that the cloud provider will incorporate, in order to maintain the data security, privacy and compliance with necessary regulations, as well as providing a business continuity and data backup plan. By identifying the barriers within the business that hinder further adoption, as well as where cloud storage is creating positive opportunities, companies can be reassured that cloud storage is a safe and cost effective way to store co mpany information.