DCN July 2017 - Page 28

virtualisation & cloud computing The Fear Mass cloud migration is continuing globally, despite security being the number one concern amongst senior business executives when it comes to cloud adoption. According to new research, a significant amount of business critical data is likely to reside in the cloud in two years’ time. Mike Whelan, head of product management, international region at Teradata, discusses why businesses shouldn’t be held back by security fears. T he Teradata Global Trends Report 2017 was conducted across nine countries: Australia, France, Germany, Japan, UK, US, India, Spain and Russia, with 100 executive respondents from each. The 28 | July 2017 research has revealed that eight out of ten executives globally cite security as a deterrent when it comes to storing data in the cloud, yet clearly that has not stopped a huge rise in the amount of critical data being sent there. Looking ahead to 2019, executives predict that over half of IT (56 per cent), customer (53 per cent), and financial data (51 per cent) will reside in the cloud. The study highlights that although businesses want to invest in cloud storage and many plan to